Why ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Say You Should Also Watch ‘Longmire’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press, Yellowstone Season 4)

Yellowstone fans are in hot pursuit of other shows to watch in the wait for Season 5, and Longmire is an excellent place to start.

“Has anyone that watches Yellowstone also enjoyed Longmire?” asks u/skelet0nic who kicks off the conversation over on Reddit’s ever-active Yellowstone board. “Since YS is on a break until Fall and I’m caught up on 1883 I figured I’d look for other similar shows. I’ve watched the pilot of Longmire — obviously it’s no comparison as far as cinematography. Just wondering if anyone else has enjoyed this show? I’ll probably watch it to fill the hole in my heart from Yellowstone,” they offer.

By far the most upvoted response comes from Redditor I_likethings_in3sss, who gives a simple yet perfect response: “I’ve watched the entire series of Longmire and I’m a big fan!! I think you’ll enjoy it. Walt is extremely loveable! It has a good storyline and some nice plot twists. It’s been probably 2 years or so since I’ve watched it so I can’t remember every detail but I really enjoyed it.”

Redditor piggiewiggy agrees, but gives a slightly different assessment. “Longmire is amazing, that show is much slower paced and builds the characters a lot more. Totally different type of show though,” they say.

Several fans even credit Reddit for leading them to Yellowstone after searching for similar shows to Longmire, flipping the script. In kind, Redditor Vanguard says “I loved the Longmire series and it is one of those shows I will watch whenever I see it being rebroadcast on TV. I was happy Netflix picked it up and we got a few more seasons of it when it was originally cancelled.”

Other Shows to Watch if You Love ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘Longmire’

Like others have said, however, “it is not really comparable to Yellowstone because it is mostly a police procedural, but I love the characters, the story, the slower pace, and I actually thought the cinematography was quite good. If you are a reader, you should check out the books as well.”

Redditor The_Devin_G takes the fandom a step further, too, citing “If you like Yellowstone and Longmire – I would like to throw out a couple more suggestions.” Said suggestions are top notch:

  • Justified – much more like Longmire than Yellowstone, but fantastic. Timothy Olypiant is fantastic in it. And word on the street is that it’s getting renewed.
  • Deadwood – more similar to 1883, actual old west setting. Gritty. Harsh. Brutal. Fucking awesome. Think of Tombstone on a whole different level. Also has Timothy Olyphant in it, same level of badassery, if not even more. It got cut too short, but they made a movie that kind of wraps it all up.
  • Hell on Wheels – slightly less gritty than Deadwood, follows the railroad being built in the old west.
  • Godless – more of a short series, so I believe it was just one season. Really good.
  • Frontier – colonial era/western mix. Really good, got cut too short.
  • Westworld – absolutely wild mix of old west, sci-fi, Dont wanna give it away, but it’s crazy good.

And of course, be sure to watch Yellowstone prequel 1883 on Paramount Plus. It’s one of the finest shows filmed this century.