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Why ‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Thinks Beth & Rip ‘Work’ Together

by Leanne Stahulak

Every “Yellowstone” fan knows that Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler make one of the greatest couples in television history. Several things bond them together in a way that feels real, authentic, and vulnerable.

Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth on the show, recently opened up to Parade about Season 4 and what’s in store for her character. Apparently, we get to see her and Rip grow even closer together, especially now that Carter (Finn Little) has entered their lives.

According to Reilly, a big reason why the two “work” so well together is because of how well they know each other after all these years.

“They’re written so beautifully and there’s such devotion to them,” Reilly explained. “They found each other when they were kids. They fell in love when they were 15 years old. I think this is the only man, apart from her father and her brothers, that Beth has ever loved.”

That’s an important point. We heard Beth in “Yellowstone” Season 3 talk about how she doesn’t have many friends in general. For her to open up to anyone is a huge deal. But seeing the love involved with her and Rip makes her vulnerability all the more special.

“And they both share that loyal, devotional vein, they have that in them. Separate they’re unstoppable, but together they allow each other that softness and vulnerability,” the “Yellowstone” star continued.

“I think they work because they know each other so well and they respect each other so much. They are each other’s home,” Reilly concluded. “And I think for all their brutality and all their violence, that level of love and devotion that they have where they would do anything for each other and protect each other, it’s beautiful to watch.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Opens Up About Beth and Carter’s Future Relationship

After the two-hour season premiere last week, “Yellowstone” went behind the scenes with the cast for each episode that aired. Episode 2, titled “Phantom Pain,” spent a lot of time focusing on Beth and the 14-year-old kid she takes in named Carter.

Kelly Reilly calls Carter “probably one of my favorite characters” in the whole series during her interview. She talks about how they met outside the hospital in Episode 1.

“[Beth] meets this kid, played by the extraordinary young actor, Finn Little. And they have this conversation about their dads dying. It’s an odd, weirdly beautiful scene,” Reilly revealed.

Beth ends up going with Carter to see his father pass. “It’s sort of just this fated moment where suddenly, these two people who are alone in the world meet,” Reilly said.

Later, in Episode 2, Carter tells the sheriff that Beth’s his guardian. And when she sees him sitting in the police car all beat up, she realizes something.

“And suddenly [Beth] takes on what it feels like to look after someone,” Reilly said. “And I just found that so moving, that she would even allow that thought in.

“When we think of Beth… She’s so hard and so tough and strong. But at the same time, we get these moments, these sort of caverns of deep feeling. Deep devotion, love, and passion. And suddenly, she’s going to accept this kid into her heart!” Reilly concludes.