Why ‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Considers Her Monica Role More Than ‘Just a Job’

by Courtney Blackann

While she’s garnered some frustration from fans for her role as Monica on “Yellowstone,” actress Kelsey Asbille says she focuses on the human side of the character. As the wife of Kayce Dutton and a native woman – Monica often grapples with her identity. On one hand, she’s a native woman raised on the Broken Rock reservation in Montana. On the other, she’s supporting Kayce and his efforts to care for their family by any means possible. Either way, working on the show means more to Asbille than viewing it as just a job.

Speaking in an interview with Harpers-Bazaar, the “Yellowstone” actress discusses Monica’s plight. She’s a dedicated wife and an intuitive thinker. She’s definitely no dummy. But she worries that her son won’t appreciate his heritage if she lets the lavish lifestyle of the Duttons get in the way.

But as she continues to develop throughout each season, Asbille sees Monica as an instrument for knowledge and growth.

Kelsey Asbille on Character Growth

Yellowstone has always been more than just a job for me, it is a way of exploring my own origins and confronting that part of myself. Navigating where I come from and where I belong, but also connecting me to a community that has had a profound impact on my life,” says Asbille.

This is often seen where there’s a push and pull between her and Kayce. Monica loves Kayce. She would do anything for the youngest Dutton – and always shows support for him in his decision-making, whether she agrees or not. This is something Asbille prides herself on.

“I really admire Monica’s unconditional love for her family. There is often an idealism to motherhood that is portrayed on screen, and while Monica certainly imagines and fights for a better world for her family, I’m more interested in the parts of her that are simply human.”

“Yellowstone” Character Monica’s Season 4 Journey

During season four of “Yellowstone,” we see Monica try her damndest to show support for Kayce as they deal with the aftermath of their child Tate shooting an intruder on the ranch. But as the two parents learn, staying at the scene of the crime is a no-go for Tate, who spends his days hiding under the couple’s bed.

When Kayce finally comes around, he tells Monica that they should go back to the reservation for a while and try to reclaim their normalcy. Monica is delighted by this news and she’s eager to leave. But what the “Yellowstone” characters really learn is that they need space to grow. And room of their own.

In seeking this out, the two find a home in between the Yellowstone ranch and the reservation. It’s something that both adults see as a win.

Further, Monica is all too excited to share the news with her husband that she’s once again pregnant. Picturing a life of growth and love, this is where things take a turn.

Kayce’s vision quest involves an inner look at himself. And after it’s over, he’s not sure whether Monica will be a part of his future plans. And that’s where “Yellowstone” season four leaves us. Whatever happens, we know that Kelsey Asbille is ready to give it her all, taking every scene seriously.