‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Wife Says ‘Six Weeks is Too Long’ With New Intimate Photo

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Taylor Sheridan’s wife is thrilled he is home from a film shoot. However, that’s not the only thing Sheridan’s worked on recently. Sheridan is the creator of the hit series Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a modern take on a western and is full of action, drama, and plenty of cowboys.

Sheridan’s wife, Nic, has to spend a lot of time apart from her husband. The producer works long hours. “Six weeks is just too long !!!!,” she wrote with an emoji of a Canadian flag and a film tape, “Welcome home Baby.”

“Home” is clearly beautiful for the Yellowstone creator and his spouse. The photo shows the two of them enjoying the summer weather and sharing an intimate moment in the great outdoors.

Sheridan got ‘Yellowstone’ Inspiration From his Own Childhood

Some of the inspiration Taylor Sheridan got for the hit series Yellowstone, came from his own experience growing up on a ranch in Texas. The producer really does seem like a cowboy himself. The series now features many of his own horses. He’s even been inducted into the cowboy hall of fame.

Sheridan spoke about his childhood ranch in a 2020 interview with Texas Highways.

“We didn’t depend on our ranch for income but it’s where I learned how to become a cowboy,” he said. His father was a cardiologist, and that’s where most of the family’s money came from. Sheridan’s connection to the ranch was so intense that he barely spoke to his mother for a year after she decided to sell it.

“When you write, it’s always of an autobiographical nature,” he says. “Our family ranch has informed Yellowstone in many ways, but losing it was the biggest one,” Sheridan said. His mother sold the ranch after divorcing his father. She decided she couldn’t run the ranch by herself.

Fans Wonder if Season 4 of the Show Has Been Delayed

Typically, seasons of Yellowstone come out around June. Well, it’s June, and not only has the season not dropped but there’s still no word on a release date. Many fans are wondering if the release of the show has been delayed for some reason.

Some wonder if the show is doing re-shoots. A recent casting notice was put out by producers looking for extras to shoot a “protest scene” whether this is a re-shoot or an added scene remains unknown. One thing is clear, whatever is going on the cast and crew are keeping very much under wraps.

For now, all fans can do is wait, but for how long is another question entirely. With the season 3 finale ending on a massive cliffhanger, season 4 really couldn’t come soon enough. Hopefully, more information will come out later this month. If that happens, Outsider will keep you updated.