‘Y:1883’: Does the ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff Have Any Connection to Kevin Costner’s New Show ‘National Parks’?

by Matthew Wilson

The world of “Yellowstone” is about to get a whole lot bigger. With “Y: 1883” on the way, we’re wondering how it might connect to Kevin Costner’s new show “National Parks.”

The timing of both shows certainly feels convenient. News of Kevin Costner’s newest show came earlier this week. Meanwhile, the announcement for the “Yellowstone” prequel came only a few days later in time for the Super Bowl. We currently don’t know if “National Parks” will connect to “Y:1883” or “Yellowstone” for that matter.

But both Costner and show creator Taylor Sheridan are looking to cash in on everyone’s love for Montana and the great outdoors. With the flagship show praised for its gorgeous visuals, you certainly won’t hear us complaining. More shows will make those waits between seasons just a bit more bearable.

It is unknown whether Costner plans to pop over to “National Parks” to reprise his character of John Dutton or whether “National Parks” is its own separate property. If it is connected, might we see descendants of characters from “1883” appear?

Kevin Costner Will Be on ABC

One aspect leading us to believe “National Parks” to be its own thing is that the show will air on ABC. The network recently confirmed the show, produced by Costner’s Territory Pictures Entertainment, will move forward.

That show will revolve around a group of elite National Park Service law enforcers. This group will solve crimes around the United States’ various national parks and work to protect the park’s land. So not too different from something viewers might see on Costner’s other famous TV show. Honestly, “National Parks” sounds like a cross between “Yellowstone” and either “Law and Order” or “CSI.”

It is also currently unknown where the show might take place. The country has various national parks, attracting millions of people each year. There’s no guarantee it even takes place anywhere near Montana or the Dutton clan.

‘Yellowstone: 1883’ Takes Viewers to the Past

Meanwhile, “1883” takes place long before the current timeline of the show. The prequel will follow the Dutton forebearers as they make the journey out west. Viewers will soon learn that John Dutton and his family come from a lineage of strong-willed and determined people.

According to the description, “They embark on a journey west through the Great Plains towards the last bastion of untamed America.”

One of the things, Sheridan wants to explore is Western expansion through the lens of the Dutton family. Viewers will likely see the family rise to prominence in the state and slowly build their ranching empire. It promises to be a different beast altogether from its parent show. How these three shows might connect remain to be seen. But viewers should have no shortage of content in the near future.

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