‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops Intense ‘Our Protector’ Pic of John Dutton

by Megan Molseed

Yellowstone” has become one of television’s most-watched shows. The Paramount Network’s hit series first premiered in the summer of 2018. The hit show has since grown in viewership each exciting season. 

The hit western drama “Yellowstone” follows characters as they face dissension in the heart of America. The show focuses on the shared borders of the Dutton’s cattle ranch, a native reservation, and land developers. All of whom have different ideas about how the land should be used and maintained. 

At the center of it all, is the Dutton family. Including their patriarch , John Dutton (Kevin Costner). 

On Tuesday, the popular show’s Twitter page got to the heart of who John Dutton is. The June 22 tweet features a studious, and powerful photo of John Dutton. The photo is labeled: “Our protector.” “Yellowstone” fans immediately know what this means. Dutton is the fierce backbone of the Dutton family. His goal in life is to preserve, protect, and maintain the Dutton ranch…at all costs. 

“Yellowstone’s” John Dutton Protects His Land and the Dutton Legacy

John Dutton is a sixth-generation rancher. He is the patriarch of the Dutton clan and owner of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the popular western drama, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is the largest of its kind in the United States. 

John Dutton has served many roles in his community, and as a result, he is greatly respected throughout the community. 

However, the land that the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch sits on, as well as the surrounding area, is much sought after. It has largely become John Dutton’s job to make sure his family’s legacy is protected. 

While the John Dutton Twitter post received quite a bit of love, a major theme in the comments was about the start of season four. Or, the lack of the start of season four at this point. One tweet read: “C’mon protector.  Protect us from waiting for season 4 to begin!” While another took a jab at the YellowstoneTV Twitter page telling it to delete the page until season four is released. Fans may be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the new season of Yellowstone,” but one thing we do know is that when it finally comes, John Dutton will be ready to take his post as “Protector.”