‘Yellowstone’ and ‘1883’ Fans Have One Burning Question About the Brand

by Amy Myers

Now that news has broken of yet another Yellowstone spinoff, fans are starting to wonder when crucial details of the Dutton mythology will finally come to light – in particular, who received the first brand.

As we know, 1883 focuses on the Duttons’ journey across the country along the Oregon Trail. As Season 1 begins to wind down, it’s clear that our favorite Western family has many obstacles to face before they finally reach the promised land in Montana. Needless to say, it’s going to be a while before the Duttons set up their ranch, let alone introduce their loyalty program.

With the storyline straying from the Duttons’ life of crime, fans have begun to wonder just when we would finally see the first person receive the Yellowstone brand. When would we see someone get that first, pivotal honor? And, more importantly, for what action?

On Reddit, Yellowstone and 1883 watchers gathered to share their hypotheses about when the branding will occur. The author of the post initiated the conversation by expressing their irritation with the direction ooff 1883.

“I’m really interested to see the origin of the brand come to play,” the author wrote. “I just started 1883 I’m on episode 3. But they are on the damn Oregon trail. Then with 1932 show is gonna cover the prohibition era. When do you think we will see more of the mythology?”

As the fan stated, the other upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 1932, will take place during the tail end of Prohibition. Likely, the Duttons will dabble in some bootlegging and speakeasies. Perhaps with their first few crimes will come the first brand. Other fans, though, have a few different ideas in mind.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Who Will Get the First Dutton Brand

Meanwhile, other fans focused less on the when and more on the who. Some still hold out hope that the first Yellowstone branding will occur in 1883 with one of the dedicated cowboys.

“I thought it would be Ennis or Wade who’d first get the brand once they finally make it to Montana and start the ranch, but it’s looking less and less likely,” one fan said.

Unfortunately, Ennis is out of the running.

Another Yellowstone fan pointed out that the brand’s meaning may have changed over time.

“For current Yellowstone, the brand is meant to mean ‘We gave you a second chance because of your f— ups/covering up something illegal. And now we own you,'” the fan said.

It’s also possible that the branding was the catalyst that changed the family’s reputation. Though they share the same name and same core principles, James and John Dutton are very different people. James seems to constantly wrestle with his morality, especially when he feels he’s done wrong to someone he cares for or respects. On the other hand, John keeps the bigger picture in mind and tries not to pay any mind to the darkness that surrounds the family.

Somewhere along the way, the brand could have taken the place of a conscience.