‘Yellowstone: 1883’ Prequel Series Announced, Teaser Trailer Released

by Joe Rutland

For all of you “Yellowstone” TV fans, there’s great news out on Friday from The Paramount Network. Get ready for “Yellowstone: 1883.”

A short video trailer announcing the “Yellowstone” prequel is slotted to air during Super Bowl LV on Sunday.

“Yellowstone: 1883” is being developed by show co-creator Taylor Sheridan.

As the video opens, a heavy snowfall goes across a wooden sign that has the “Y” ranch insignia and “1883” imprinted on it.

Then viewers will hear a voice say, “I don’t care if you live or die, but should you live you tell them about me.”

Now this trailer is short but it provides a sneak peek for “Yellowstone” fans.

How short? Let’s talk about 10 seconds long. Fans can be on the lookout for this sneak peek during Sunday’s big Super Bowl clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fans, though, of the current show starring Kevin Costner will get to see what happened before the current series’ shows started airing.

Sheridan signed a new multi-year deal, focusing on creating content with MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios.

His new projects will be exclusive to ViacomCBS brands, including Paramount+, Paramount Network, and CBS.

“I am excited to continue the story of ‘Yellowstone’ and thank you to Chris, Keith, and David for allowing me to keep on expanding the family for the fans,” Sheridan said.

Take a look at the trailer and get excited for the “Yellowstone: 1883” series coming soon. It’s planning to air on Paramount+.

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