‘Yellowstone’ ‘6666’ Spinoff Will Be ‘Introducing New Characters’: Here’s What We Know So Far

by Katie Maloney

The Yellowstone world is expanding even further with their new spinoff series 6666.

Yellowstone is currently Paramount’s most successful show. With 6.5 million viewers, the show scored the most-watched season premiere on cable in two years.  So, it’s no surprise that both Paramount and Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan are finding new ways to expand the show’s reach. In addition to the already announced prequel series,Y: 1883, Sheridan also recently announced a spin-off series coming to Paramount+ currently called 6666. Here’s what we know about the show so far.

6666 and takes place on the Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas. The Four Sixes Ranch is a country relic in a way. Just as successful as it was two centuries ago, the ranch hasn’t changed its way of operating much since it first opened when the Comanches still ruled the land. The ranch is known for raising the finest horses and livestock in the world. It’s also the main spot for world-class cowboys. We also know that two Yellowstone fan favorites will join the 6666 cast. Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White reportedly are set to reprise their roles of Walker and Jimmy, respectively, on the new spin-off series.

Show creator Taylor Sheridan talks about expanding the Yellowstone world.

How Does The New Spin-Off Show Connect to the Duttons on Yellowstone?

Although details about how the new show will connect to the Yellowstone Duttons haven’t yet been released, Sheridan did share why he felt called to create the new spin-off. During an interview, he talked about his desire to return to his home state of Texas. He and his wife have a home and ranch near Jacksboro. Sheridan said that he wants to represent the stories of the people of his home state.

“Being a Texan today and what it means to live in Texas — there’s a responsibility that comes with it, in that you really do represent the entire state,” said Sheridan. “Everybody in Texas always represents the state. And so, there’s a sense of class and confidence that I think every Texan seems to embody. And along with that, a respect for others, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. You respect their ability to disagree or agree.”

However, the Yellowstone world isn’t the only one Sheridan is involved in. He’s also currently working on two new series. The first, Mayor of Kingstown, is a drama starring  Jeremy Renner about Michigan power brokers. The second is called Land Man and is about the world of West Texas oil rigging.