‘Yellowstone’ ‘6666’ Spinoff: Taylor Sheridan Wants to Share ‘What It Means to Live in Texas’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Taylor Sheridan knows Texas. He grew up on a ranch there. He got his education there. And the first big movie he wrote was set there.

So now, on Paramount Plus, he’s going to showcase the Lone Star State in its splendid glory. On Wednesday, two of the new shows Taylor Sheridan announced are the Yellowstone spinoff “6666” and “Land Man. ” Both are set in West Texas.

First, there really is a Texas ranch called 6666. Locals refer to it as the Four Sixes Ranch. It’s part of Burnett Ranches LLC, which is a family-run business in the Lone Star State. All total, the Burnett Ranches encompass more than 260,000 acres. The Four Sixes is based in Guthrie, an unincorporated town in King County about 90 miles east of Lubbock. That’s definitive, flat-as-a-pancake West Texas.

Taylor Sheridan Grew up On a Ranch In Central Texas, Then Headed To LA

Taylor Sheridan grew up on a ranch in Cranfills Gap, another one-stoplight town in the state. Cranfills Gap is considered Central Texas. Sheridan earned a degree from Texas State in San Marcos, a town between Austin and San Antonio. And then he left for Los Angeles.

But Texas never left Taylor Sheridan. He leaned on his Texas roots when he wrote 2016’s “Hell or High Water.” The movie earned him an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay. Sheridan told the story of two brothers, ranchers turned bank robbers. They were played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster. A couple of Texas Rangers (Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham) were on their tail.

But Texas Is Home Sweet Home

Eventually, Taylor Sheridan and his wife moved back to Texas. He owns two ranches outside the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. One is in Weatherford, which is west of Fort Worth. The other is in Jacksboro, a town about a 45-mile drive northwest of Weatherford.

“I left LA the second I could get out,” Sheridan told the site, Cowboys and Indians.

“My wife’s from up in Wyoming. And my mother lives up there, so we moved there for a number of years, until I finally convinced her to come try my home state. And I moved her to Texas on August 1st, because I figured I might as well just pull the Band-Aid off quick. She didn’t understand the heat for a bit, but then she figured it out, and now she’s a Texan.

And Taylor Sheridan wants to explain what a Texan is to his audience.

“Well, it’s different than any place else,” Taylor Sheridan said. “Being a Texan today and what it means to live in Texas — there’s a responsibility that comes with it, in that you really do represent the entire state. Everybody in Texas always represents the state. And so, there’s a sense of class and confidence that I think every Texan seems to embody. And along with that, a respect for others, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. You respect their ability to disagree or agree.

“And there’s a kindness in Texas that I find lacking in many other parts of the country. Anywhere you go in Texas, there is a genuine concern for another person’s well-being. I just think it creates a structure of society that is very harmonious. I’ve got a lot of people that fly in to meet with me from California or New York or whatever, and the first thing they say to me is, ‘I can’t believe how friendly everybody is. Everybody’s friendly and everybody’s so happy. I don’t understand it.’ It’s like, ‘Well, they’re happy because they live in Texas and they’re friendly because they’re happy.'”