‘Yellowstone’ Actor Remembers Being ‘Uncomfortable’ Before Fly Fishing Trip with Kevin Costner

by Thad Mitchell

While most people would consider a fly fishing trip with Kevin Costner a dream come true, “Yellowstone” actor Ethan Lee was a bit unnerved.

Ethan Lee is a real cowboy turned actor who plays “Ethan” on “Yellowstone,” a member of the ranch’s bunkhouse crew. He’s also an avid fisherman, a hobby he shares with Hollywood icon and “Yellowstone” leading man, Kevin Costner. So when Costner invited Lee on a fly fishing adventure, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. He was certainly down for a fly fishing excursion but he’s not spent a lot of time around Hollywood royalty. Speaking with an Amite, Louisana news outlet, Lee says he even pondered dropping out of the trip for fear of making conversation with Costner.

“The first time he asked me to go fly fishing with him, I was kind of thinking, ‘What am I going to talk to Kevin Costner about?’” he recalls. “I was a little uncomfortable, I’ll be honest. So when I was getting ready for this trip, I was like, man… almost to the point of not wanting to go anymore. But then I just said to myself, ‘He puts his pants on one leg at a time like I do’ and I thought to myself the one thing I am not going to talk about is movie work.”

Lee mustered the courage though and has an enjoyable fishing trip. Costner isn’t the only “Yellowstone” member to make an impression. He singled out Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) as two actors he enjoys.

“Kelly is the sweetest lady,” he says. “One of the sweetest ladies that you’ll ever meet. It just shows her acting ability and her skill level there is just off the chart.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Ethan Lee Talks Path to Stardom

The Amite, Louisiana native never had intentions of becoming an actor. He was quite pleased with his life as a real cowboy. Lee grew up with the cowboy culture deep in his heart, attending rodeos and wrangling cattle. He even did a stint as a rodeo “Trick” rider.

He got his entertainment start taking care of horses on the set of “Free State of Jones,” a war drama film that happened to be filming near where he lived. It isn’t exactly what he hoped would be and the frantic pace of filming was not for him.

“I said, ‘If I get through these two weeks, Hollywood doesn’t have to worry about me ever again,'” the “Yellowstone” star recalls.

Lee stuck with it and now has “Yellowstone” actor on his resume. He’s also fishing buddies with a Hollywood A-lister.

You can expect to see plenty more of Ethan Lee when “Yellowstone” returns later this year.