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‘Yellowstone’ Actress Michaela Conlin Opens Up About Filming Multiple Genres at Once

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

If you loved Michaela Conlin on ‘Yellowstone,’ then we’ve got great news for you. An actor of many talents and genres with a career on fire, Conlin is set to appear in Apple TV+’s space-race epic series ‘For All Mankind’ right as her Netflix comedy film, ‘Bad Trip,’ hits the streaming giant.

“I realized it today, like ‘Wow this is very varied!’ I feel really lucky to be able to do a lot of different things. It’s been kind of a surprise,” Conlin, 42, tells New York Post in their Sunday interview.

Despite her reporter character Sarah Nguyen’s horrific ending in ‘Yellowstone’ (we’re looking at you, Jamie Dutton), there’s no slowing down Michaela Conlin. And if she seems familiar, it’s because she’s been a television staple for well over a decade now.

Conlin’s breakout role came as part of FOX’s hit, long-running ‘Bones’ ensemble. Within, she portrayed lead, sharp forensic artist Angela Montenegro until the series came to a strong finale in 2017.

“We were [often] filming at 6 a.m. over this fake dead rubber corpse; the whole thing was steeped in this dark comedy” she recalls. “We laughed a lot during production of that show. It was a long time —  we grew up together.”

Straight from ‘Bones,’ she wound up in Montana shooting cultural phenomenon ‘Yellowstone’ for seasons 1 & 2.

“That was such a great experience, we shot in Montana and they taught me how to fly fish — talk about being outside of your element! It was such a different world,” she continues. “I understand why that show resonates, the geography of where you’re shooting just seeps in.”

From ‘Bones’ to ‘Yellowstone’ to Major Streaming Services: Michaela Conlin is on Fire

“It is such a crazy resume, isn’t it?” she says of the back-to-back experiences, and where that’s led her today. Fans can expect a whole lot more from Conlin very soon. She’s actively sought “different” material since her ‘Yellowstone’ & ‘Bones’ tenures ended.

Up next is her 1980s alt-reality space-centric epic, ‘For All Mankind,’ with new episodes streaming each Friday on AppleTV+. The series “posits what would have happened if the global space race never ended after the Soviet Union lands on the moon ahead of the US. Joel Kinnaman (“House of Cards”) stars as NASA astronaut Edward Baldwin; and Season 2 introduces Conlin’s character, Helena Webster,” the Post cites.

“She’s a former Marine pilot who becomes an astronaut and she’s one of the only women in the group of guys,” Conlin adds. “She’s had to really fight for everything that she’s had. That really resonated with me. It’s such a different style of show; it’s been so nice to go to these different sets and experience the different things after ‘Bones.’ It’s nice to work on other productions, especially different genres.”

“I wanted to try new things and fail at new things”

Congruently, Conlin pivots to her comedic chops for Netflix’s film ‘Bad Trip’ – which premieres on March 26. She’s co-starring alongside in-demand comedy giant Tiffany Haddish for the road-trip-centric buddy comedy. ‘Bad Trip’ also marks a stark change for Conlin, which features “hidden-camera prank elements.” All combined, it makes for an experience she’s yet to sink into.

“Comedy is definitely something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. When [‘Bones’] ended, I just wanted to try as many different things as I could —  because when you do something for 12 seasons, that’s a long time. I didn’t want the muscles in other places to atrophy. I wanted to try new things and fail at new things. [‘Bad Trip’] was a really good example of something being scary,” she clarifies.

Being brave enough to tackle unfamiliar genres doesn’t mean the ‘Yellowstone’ actress wasn’t nervous, however.

“I remember calling my manager and being like ‘I don’t know if i can do this movie, these are comedians!’ I was very nervous about it but they’re such a warm, lovely group of people.”

Sounds like Michaela Conlin’s career is in excellent hands – her own.