‘Yellowstone’: The All-Time Best Rip & Beth Moments, According to Fans

by Jonathan Howard

During the course of the series, Yellowstone has really shed a light on Beth and Rip’s relationship. Expect more of that to come in Season 5. However, with all the great moments between these two, which is the fan-favorite? There are one-liners and inside jokes, stories that are told in the bunkhouse, and that’s just the happier stuff. Of course, there’s telling people off, getting into fights, and attempting to make another person miserable because that’s what they crossed you.

Fans on Reddit talked about their preferences and they were able to call upon a lot of different moments. It turns out, there are dozens of moments that have left a mark on fans. With so much to choose from, it’s amazing that there was some consensus.

“The one at the rodeo where her dad says Rip can hold her damn hand. ‘Thank you daddy.'” the moment with the most upvotes read. That was one where you knew that these two were going to be very involved with one another for quite a long time.

“The one during the first dinner with Rip and Carter at the main house with John,” u/kchapsnark replied in another thread. “Rip calls Beth out for her childhood dinner table issues (which is hilarious) and he suggests they eat at that little table by the fireplace, to which Beth looked like she’d never seen it before. The dinnertime that ensues was golden.”

In the upcoming season, we’re going to get more Beth and Rip moments. Season 5 of Yellowstone promises to give us some younger versions of our favorite characters. That includes the ill-fated couple that everybody loves.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Knew Beth and Rip were ‘Soulmates’

When you’re on a Taylor Sheridan show, you often don’t know all the details of your character ahead of time. In some roles, actors might find that they know everything about a character. However, that’s own how Sheridan does things. His cast is often kept in the shadows on some details. It keeps the reactions real and honest when acting something out for the first time.

When it comes to whether or now Rip and Beth were meant to be? Kelly Reilly didn’t need to know what Sheridan had planned.

“I think when we started filming, we had four episodes, season one,” she said. “So that’s what we had, we had the first four episodes. And I never asked questions about the future, I always just asked about the past. But it was clear that these two characters were soulmates. And that was clearly the direction [Taylor Sheridan] was going to take them.”

When you have a pair like these two on a show like Yellowstone it just makes sense. Through all the flaws and things, they are perfect for each other and that’s why fans can’t get enough of Rip and Beth.