‘Yellowstone’ Alum Dave Annable Posts Behind-the-Scenes Photo of ‘Walker’ Season 2

by Thad Mitchell

Former “Yellowstone” actor Dave Annable is getting new work on the television show “Walker” and he is loving his new role.

You might remember Dave Annable from the first season of “Yellowstone” as he played Lee Dutton, the oldest son of John Dutton. Lee did not have a lengthy stay on the ranch as he is shot and killed in the first episode. We have also seen Lee in a few flashback scenes from the show. Lee was caught up in the ongoing battle between the Broken Rock Tribe and “Yellowstone” Ranch. He was attempting to return cattle to his father’s ranch that had wandered onto the Native American reservation land. When his father gives the order, Lee takes his team onto the reservation and they tried to turn the stolen cattle back toward their ranch.

After discovering his son Kayce Dutton was involved in the battle, John tells Lee and his men to retreat. Lee was struck by a bullet from the gun of Robert Long, Kayce’s brother-in-law. A few days later he was buried at the Dutton family’s gravesite. He would later be dug up and cremated so as not to draw suspicion on Kayce, who shot and killed Long.

Despite his early exit from the show, “Yellowstone” fans fondly remember Dave Annable’s time on the show as Lee Dutton. The actor was able to parlay his “Yellowstone” role into other parts and seems to have a good spot with “Walker.”

“So incredibly grateful to be joining season 2 of ‘Walker,'” Annable writes in a social media post. “Having a blast with my character Dan and his impeccable hair. Tough to see with a white background.

‘Yellowstone’ Alum’s Character’s Presence is Still Felt

While Dave Annable has been gone from the show since the first season of “Yellowstone,” Lee Dutton’s presence looms over the show. Lee’s death in the first season had a huge impact on the show’s characters that can still be felt in later seasons. His death set off a chain reaction that forms several storylines throughout three seasons.

Upon Lee’s death, John Dutton summons his other children home. Kayce, Jamie and Beth Dutton all return to the ranch in order to help their father through difficult situations. The return of the Dutton family to “Yellowstone” Ranch is the foundation on which the show is built.

Many “Yellowstone” fans believe that Lee Dutton was to be the heir to John Dutton’s throne. With him gone, no one knows who will inherit the ranch after John steps down. There is simply no clear answer to that question at this point.

We hope to get the answers to our burning “Yellowstone” questions when the show returns on November 7.