‘Yellowstone’ Announces Crucial Character Will Return in Season 5

by Alex Falls

Season five of Yellowstone is getting closer and closer to its premiere date. Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store, but we just got a huge hint at some of the drama to come. TVLine is reporting that Q’orianka Kilcher is set to return as powerhouse attorney Angela Blue Thunder. The character last appeared in the season three finale, “The World is Purple.”

The last time we saw Angela, she was recruited by Rainwater to help delay Market Equities’ plans to develop the hills of Montana. Rainwater even teamed up with John Dutton over their common goal. Pooling their resources, Rainwater suggested Angela team up with Beth Dutton. As we saw in season four, Beth put up some major roadblocks to thwart Market Equities. To the point that Caroline promised to send her to prison for corporate espionage.

Does Angela come back to help Beth in the fight against Caroline? Or will she switch sides and act against the Duttons? The only way to find out is to tune in when season five drops on Paramount+ on November 13th.

While Kilcher was away from Yellowstone during season four, she found herself in the headlines for a very different reason. She was charged with two felony counts of insurance fraud for allegedly collecting disability benefits totally almost $100,000 while working on the show’s third season.

A hearing is scheduled to take place on September 7th in Los Angeles to decide if Kilcher will face charges. A spokesperson for the actor spoke to People ahead of the hearing and said Kilcher was “completely blindsided” by the charges.

“She was shocked, to say the least, about the charges. And she’s looking forward to getting the truth out there,” the source said. “As a result of a car accident she was involved in on the set of Dora, she is now 10% disabled for the rest of her life. The onset injury was a long road to recovery going through intense physical and mental suffering.”

“This is an incredibly stressful time for her. But she hopes that this case can in some way shed light on the difficulty that actors, especially minority women, across the industry experience when injured on set. Since at the end of the day, their bodies are their source of work,” the source added. “Without being able to use them to their fullest extent, especially for physically taxing roles like those afforded to women of indigenous descent in Hollywood, many actors are put in a position where they can no longer support themselves and their families.”

Kilcher was allegedly injured in the accident on the set of Dora. The California Department of Insurance claimed that the actress “saw a doctor a few times that year. But stopped treatment and did not respond to the insurance company handling her claim on behalf of her employer.”