‘Yellowstone’ Announces Initiative to Help Montana Ranchers Struggling to Recover After Floods

by Jon D. B.

“Months after the floods, ranchers in the Yellowstone Country are still struggling to recover,” the show begins on their social media channels, “, particularly in hard-hit areas like Fromberg, MT.”

But fans of the show can help. To do so, Yellowstone is asking audiences to jump in and help rebuild the communities. Montana ranchers and farmers form the heart of television’s #1 show, Yellowstone Valley. So if you or anyone you know would like to help, Outsider has all pertinent information below.

Yellowstone’s link leads to the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, a Montana non-profit. RLACF is led by “a diverse team of staff, board members, and volunteers who respond to community opportunities and needs.”

As their mission states, “Together, we work for a common purpose, to help our nonprofits thrive, ensure our community members have their needs met, and to help meet the needs of our community.”

Specifically, this outreach is for RLACF’s One Valley Agricultural Relief Fund. This is disaster relief for the catastrophic flooding of June 2022 that struck many gateway communities of and Yellowstone National Park itself. Donator’s money will go towards “Ag related infrastructure, field recovery, and/or irrigation canal or fixture reconstruction on Ag properties who are excluded from potential FEMA funding in Carbon County, MT,” the donation page explains.

To help, ‘Yellowstone’ asks that you ‘Please consider joining us to help them rebuild by donating to the One Valley Agricultural Relief Fund here.’

The show first spoke out in August to beckon visitors back to Yellowstone National Park and surrounding communities. The economies of these gateway communities rely on tourism to thrive, as does the park.

“Our namesake, Yellowstone National Park, and the surrounding areas experienced devastating flooding earlier this year. But thanks to the resilience of the community, Montana is open for business!” Yellowstone’s official Twitter offered. Within, a moving montage of the main cast beckoning visitors back to the area played out.

“Just as the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch must overcome the adversities it faces, our namesake, the Yellowstone Valley and surrounding Montana communities, face their own set of challenges,” added Jamie Dutton’s Wes Bentley.

“As a result of record rains and melting snow, the Valley and surrounding communities experienced disastrous flooding,” followed Moses Brings Plenty.

“But thanks to the resilience of this incredible state, the park has since reopened,” Gil Birmingham said.

“Our stunning trails, communities, and backcountry are waiting for your return,” Brings Plenty also added.

“So visit Montana to experience the small-town charm and breathtaking landscapes for yourself,” Birmingham echoed.

“We’ll see you on the trails,” concluded John Dutton icon Kevin Costner.

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