‘Yellowstone’ Announces Official Costumes Now Available at Spirit Halloween

by Lauren Boisvert

Halloween is basically almost here: what are you dressing up as this year? Why not take advantage of the “Yellowstone” hype as we inch closer to the season 5 premiere and put together a costume based on your favorite character? Did someone say “Beth’s leopard-print fur coat”?

Well, you’re in luck, because “Yellowstone” and Spirit Halloween teamed up to bring you officially licensed costumes based on Beth, Rip, and the general vibe of the Bunkhouse Boys. The show posted on its Instagram stories announcing the new costumes on the Spirit Halloween website, sharing the link and even posting a poll asking fans who they’re going to dress up as.

“Halloween is just around the corner,” the show wrote on its Instagram stories, “so we need you to start planning your [‘Yellowstone’] costumes now! And it just got a lot easier thanks to official YS costumes from Spirit Halloween!” The page also shared some highlights from past Halloweens, posting a photo of two kids dressed up like Rip and Beth. They included links to Halloween highlights from 2019, 2020, and 2021. Additionally, the poll asked, “Who are you dressing up as?” and listed John, Beth, Rip, or Other, inviting fans to share other iconic characters.

How Good Are These Costumes, Anyway?

So, what is Spirit Halloween offering “Yellowstone” fans? First of all, there are complete kits for Rip and Beth. Rip’s kit includes a black jacket printed with the Dutton Ranch logo and Rip’s signature sunglasses. The hat and gloves are sold separately. To really complete this costume, you’ll need a black button-up shirt, jeans, and some cowboy boots.

Beth’s kit includes her iconic leopard-print coat and flashy earrings. You’ll also need some sort of form-fitting dress and some kickin’ boots. Additionally, Spirit Halloween offers a reddish-blonde wig to get Beth’s stand-out red hair.

Other accessories and props include a bandana with the Dutton Ranch logo, a black t-shirt printed with the logo, and a trucker hat, also adorned with “Yellowstone,” the logo, and “Dutton Ranch” underneath in gold embroidery. Additionally, there are also cool prosthetics that mimic the look of the Dutton Ranch brand. One is a full prosthetic that needs spirit gum or liquid latex to apply, and the other is a decal that goes on like a temporary tattoo. All in all, pretty cool offerings from Spirit Halloween and “Yellowstone.”

Other ‘Yellowstone’ Characters To Dress Up As This Halloween

In terms of other fun characters with a recognizable look, Kayce Dutton could be a contender. He looks kind of like a generic cowboy, but using some of the “Yellowstone” costume pieces would really make him stand out as a character from the show. For instance, you could use the cowboy hat with the ranch logo on it along with some jeans, a brown leather jacket or canvas jacket, a long-ish wig and a mustache, and some boots. Instant Kayce.

Additionally, Teeter could also be fun. Use some pink temporary hair color or a pink wig, the “Yellowstone” trucker hat, some dirty jeans, and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and you’re well on your way.

Planning on dressing up as a “Yellowstone” character this Halloween? Make sure to share your looks with the official “Yellowstone” social media, and drop Outsider a line while you’re at it. We’d love to see your costumes, too!