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‘Yellowstone’ Announces Season 4 Premiere Date

by Evan Reier
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans will still have to wait, but they at least they now know when they’ll be waiting until. The show finally came out with a Season 4 premiere date.

Taking to social media to update fans, the show posted an ominous look at what’s coming next for John Dutton and his family. And it doesn’t look good. On November 7, the patient fandom of Yellowstone will finally hear the other shoe drop after Season 3’s epic cliffhangers.

Watch the video in the announcement tweet below.

The trailer won’t be all that new to die-hard Yellowstone fans, who saw essentially the same scene when the show announced Season 4 was coming weeks ago.

It features John Dutton crawling back from his shooting, noticing a crow and it features an ominous message from a voice we can’t quite pinpoint. We’ll do a trailer breakdown in another story, so watch out for that.

Why Has Yellowstone Season 4 Taken So Long?

Recently, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan opened up about the creation of Season 4 and its release. Considering it was expected to drop early this past summer, fans are understandably annoyed by its delay. But with November 7 now announced, Sheridan’s interview with Andrea Fappani now has new context.

As Megan Molseed broke down for Outsider, when asked about the delay, Sheridan said he was also in the dark.

“Everyone keeps calling me going ‘when in the heck is Yellowstone airing,” Sheridan said. “I say the same thing. I’m really curious about that myself.”

Considering his bosses at Paramount are navigating a tumultuous time for media, it makes sense that he doesn’t know either. Sheridan is in charge of creating the show, not distributing it.

He also pulled back the curtain on the ins and outs of the show coming back alongside others. Obviously, Yellowstone wasn’t the only program that had to deal with the delays and obstacles of COVID-19.

“COVID, it messed everything up,” Sheridan explained. “You have all these programing things that got knocked out of whack,” he said. “So it’s trying to figure out where to slate them back in.”

Further, Sheridan provided a poignant point about when and how to release the show. With restrictions eased and the future uncertain, it makes picking when to release the show a bit more challenging.

“Now that the world’s finally opened up, nobody is home,” Sheridan explained. “This isn’t the greatest time to air a TV show.”

However, the choice of November 7 should work out great. While many of cable television’s fall season starts in September, Yellowstone will continue to build the anticipation and be a fresh addition to your viewing habits.