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‘Yellowstone’: Are These the Most ‘F’d Up’ Moments on the Show?

by Shelby Scott
Paramount Press Site

Outsiders aren’t shy to share their love for Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” series. That said, we do have to admit that some of the show’s highlight scenes and moments are pretty “F’d” up. At the same time then, “Yellowstone” fans are quick to share their critiques regarding some of the creepiest moments on the show. Read on for some of the strangest, scariest, and most uncomfortable throwbacks.

Reddit always comes in clutch when it comes to fan discussion. There, one of those dedicated individuals kicked off the conversation simply with, “Creepiest/Most f’d up Yellowstone moment?”

Fans unleashed their thoughts in the comments. Many pointed to two scenes in particular.

“Monica and Tate…while he’s in the bathtub,” supplied one Redditor. “That is one scene that was NEVER needed.”

Other “Yellowstone” fans were quick to agree.

“Yeah, I think it is because Monica is messed up in the head,” suggested one of the show’s fans. “[She] is so desperate to ‘protect’ her son, she is damaging him too. Like enabling his ptsd and treating him like a toddler.”

No doubt, the bathtub scene was highly uncomfortable. However, others were discomforted by the origins of the wedding ring Rip gives to Beth.

One “Yellowstone” fan commented, with a hint of irony, “I want to see Rip tell Beth how he got the ring,” meanwhile another fan of the show insisted, “I want to forget that was ever the origin of the ring.”

While many “Yellowstone” fans claimed Beth “wouldn’t give a f–k,” it’s still unsettling something so meaningful was literally pried from Rip’s mother’s cold, dead hand.

Although the above scenes seemed to trump many other “f’d” up “Yellowstone” moments, there were plenty to choose from. Outsiders can read about all of them here.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Perplexed by One of the Show’s Opening Features

“Yellowstone” and its recently concluded prequel “1883” are unique. Their creator, Taylor Sheridan, writes in a way that differs from the usual good trumps bad dynamic. Take, for example, Elsa‘s death in “1883” or the mercy Kacey exhibits in the first season of “Yellowstone” where he puts a meth-head out of his misery rather than letting him suffer.

That said, the opening credits for “Yellowstone” might appear simple. There, we see images showcasing Montana’s landscape, rodeo bulls, and horses. However, there’s one feature that has Outsiders a bit confused.

Over on Reddit, one “Yellowstone” fan brought up the opening sequence of the show and its depiction of oil wells.

While some fans suggested writers chose to depict the transformation of the American West, and Montana in particular over time, others said it spoke to the state’s culture. The opposing explanations follow.

“I’ve always believed the intro represents the West in general and what’s happened to it over the past decades,” suggested one fan.

However, another supplied, “There is a lot of oil drilling in east Montana and west North Dakota. It’s a part of the culture in Montana. Oil and ranching.”

Whatever the explanation might be, Outsiders know Taylor Sheridan doesn’t choose to incorporate a single scene, item, or feature without putting significant thought behind it first.