‘Yellowstone’: Are We Supposed to Be Rooting for the Dutton Family?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Here is a question for you Yellowstone fans out there. Is it in our best interest to root for the Dutton Family? This opens a can of worms. On the one hand, we should want them to keep “winning” in their lives. Yet on the other, they have done some rather dastardly things. And yeah, they have paid for their sins, if you will, on Yellowstone. Some fans have an idea or two about this.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Rooting, Or Not Rooting, For Dutton Family

Let’s dig deeper into what some fans think about this idea. There will be some who see them as anti-heroes. Some will see them as just plain evil. John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, does have a mean streak. It’s the same thing I can say about Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly. Both of them can be big stinkers when it comes to storylines on Yellowstone.

Another Redditor writes: “I view them to be antiheros.” There you go. This one says: “I think it is supposed to be the Duttons, but it is very unclear. When we first binged the show, we were in season 2 somewhere and I made the comment ‘I have no idea who I’m supposed to root for’.” The original poster replied to this answer. This person states: “Same. We settled on that we want the Res to basically get all the land back somehow. Everyone else wants to turn it into something that isn’t preserving the land, besides the Duttons.”

One Fan Does Not See Good Guy or Bad Guy, But Just A Hot Mess

This Yellowstone fan also says that they “don’t root for the Duttons because they are holding onto land they were gifted by the government in turn for basically keeping it ‘free’ of the indigenous population as with most of the land granted back then.” Oh, the person also notes how they murder anyone “that could hurt the family and dumping them in Wyoming doesn’t look too good either.”

OK. Here’s another reply: “What I like is that there’s no clear good guy or bad guy there’s hot mess and conflict and then there’s the clear evils the villain of the season per se… But with Duttons and Rainwater there’s no clear good and bad guy imho”. Another person replies: “Murdering that ranch hand for getting into a fight was straight-up evil.” Yellowstone does draw out some strong responses indeed.

I can see where they can be seen as anti-heroes. Sometimes, they might appear to be looking for doing good at any expense. Then they can turn really mean and cruel. I’m not bored when watching this show.