‘Yellowstone’ Asks Fans ‘Which Kevin Costner’ They’re Feeling Like on Mondays

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone and Paramount Network want to know “Which Kevin Costner Are You Today?” And it’s Monday, so this should be good.

“There’s a little Costner in all of us. Kevin Costner movies are airing all day on Paramount Network,” the network posts Monday. Which is the entire point, as Paramount wants to know:

‘Yellowstone’ Asks: Which Kevin Costner Are You this Monday?

As you’ll see below, it feels an odd choice to leave Yellowstone‘s John Dutton out of the mix. But ol’ JD seems to live in a perpetual Monday, anyway. As he replies to Kayce after his son tells him to have a good day:

“I think I’m all out of those, son…”

From Dances With Wolves and Open Range to Field of Dreams and Draft Day, Kevin Costner has made countless classics. Literally, as it’s almost a Monday-esque job in itself to sort through memories of them all and pinpoint which film is which in Paramount’s post above.

But Outsider’s done it, as we love us some Yellowstone and Costner. So let’s get to it.

Are You… Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves?

Feel like the world has chewed you up and spat you back out this Monday? You may be Lieutenant Dunbar. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually come out on top. But not before going to Hell and back… As perfectly captured above. Twice.

A fitting description if you’re feeling quite Yellowstone i.e. John Dutton this Monday, too.

Are You… Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams?

Or maybe you’re wearing a big ol’ smile like a Hollywood darling? If so, then you’re having an excellent Monday like Ray Kinsella himself.

In the “best sports film of all time” (per nearly everyone), Iowa farmer Ray hears a voice he can’t ignore. Through it, he pursues a remarkable dream and turns his ordinary cornfield into a place where further dreams can come true. All the while supported by his loving wife.

So if this is your Monday, the rest of us may not like you very much.

Are You… Kevin Costner in Open Range?

And then there’s good ol’ Charley Waite – a predecessor to Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton in many ways. The former gunslinger takes up arms once more after he and his cattle crew are threatened by a corrupt lawman, and man, don’t that just feel like a Monday kinda plot?

Or Are You… Kevin Costner in Waterworld?

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any lower… You’re Monday feels like Kevin Costner felt after this beautiful train-wreck of a film tanked hard.

And we know, #5 above is definitely not Waterworld. It’s The Guardian. But doesn’t Waterworld feel far more appropriate for a Monday? We thought so, too.

So which Kevin Costner are you today, Yellowstone fans? Here’s to hoping for a lot more Field of Dreams for us all.