‘Yellowstone’ is Back Filming Season 5 in Downtown Missoula, Montana: WATCH

by Jonathan Howard

Well, the Big Sky state can’t shake Yellowstone that easily. Production is back underway in Missoula, Montana, which is sure to excite fans. It’s been a bit of a game, who can spot the film crew first, for many in the state. The show seems to be filming in more locations than ever before, and that might have to do with one very important piece of information in the Season 5 story. Flashbacks.

Now, we’ve seen some of the ranch hands, and even the Duttons on occasion, make a trip away from the ranch. However, it isn’t often. So, what we’re going to be seeing in some of these scenes filmed away from Dutton land are flashbacks. Young versions of John and Beth, Rip and Jamie – it’s going to be great for fans into backstories. By the end of Season 5, we should have a good grasp on how the past has influenced the last four seasons and into the future of the series.

There are other explanations for heading out to the city, of course. Like the political ambitions of John and a few other personal interests among the cast of characters.

What we do know is that production is going to get in the way of some folks’ commutes. But, in the city of Missoula, that can’t be too bad. Ryman and Main Street in town will be closed off, with no parking in select areas as well. It’s got to be a wild scene as the crew descends on the streets and extras mill about waiting for their turn to stand around and chatter in the background.

The good news is that businesses were able to stay open. Perhaps they’ll have some Yellowstone folks wander in a few places along the way.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Excited to Be in Montana

One thing that has been clear this summer – these cast members absolutely love their jobs. These actors and actresses have been posting set pics and we have been loving them. It’s been just about every member of the cast that you can imagine. Season 5 is going to be beautiful if nothing else, that’s for sure.

Jen Landon posted something just the other day and it got a great reaction from her fellow star Kelly Reilly. Just Yellowstone things, ya know? When you have chemistry like this Taylor Sheridan production has then you can produce some truly great television. That’s what fans and viewers are really looking forward to with this new season.

We don’t have much longer until Yellowstone returns. And don’t forget, this is going to be a November 13th premiere. So, the cold will be nice and set in across most of the country and it’ll be a perfect time to watch your favorite cowboy show.