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‘Yellowstone’: The Beth Dutton Moment Fans Are Begging For in Season 5

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Press

While we don’t have official confirmation about “Yellowstone” Season 5, fans are already looking ahead to some promising storylines.

And one of the biggest storylines for next season involves Beth Dutton. During the “Yellowstone” Season 4 finale, Beth finally got some leverage over Jamie. She used that leverage to convince him to kill his father, and then she got photos of him disposing of the body.

Beth told her father that they owned Jamie now. But what she doesn’t know is that he has much more to lose than his biological father if Beth truly goes to war with him. He has a son now, and a growing relationship with his ex-girlfriend Christina.

Nobody else knows about the baby or Christina yet. But fans already can’t wait to see sparks fly when Beth finds out. One “Yellowstone” fan took to Reddit to share a photoshopped image of Beth and Christina meeting again.

They captioned the post, “Can’t wait to see this moment.”

Honestly, we can’t either. A lot happened during the season finale, and Christina and the baby got swept to the side a little bit. But they could play a huge role in upcoming seasons, especially if Beth seeks more leverage over Jamie. She already promised, after all, to hurt any child of his the way he hurt hers.

Now, would Beth actually harm a baby on “Yellowstone?” We sure hope not. But we also can’t be too sure what lengths she’ll go to in order to tear down her adopted brother.

Fans in the comments on the post agreed. “Beth gonna kill them, she already told Jaime she will kill his lover she Just doesn’t know about them yet,” one person wrote. Guess we’ll have to wait until Season 5 to find out for sure.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly ‘Apologizes’ for Beth’s Behavior Sometimes

Earlier this week, “Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly opened up to co-star Jefferson White about her character. She sat down on the show’s official podcast, and at one point, mentioned how she’ll warn her co-stars about particularly explosive scenes.

“I have a lot of fun playing Beth, so massive amounts of fun,” Reilly told White. “I do spend a lot of time in advance apologizing to my fellow actors that I’m about to grease fire. But they know what they’re getting into so they’re getting paid for it so it’s fine.”

It’s true, and her co-stars must know what to expect out of scenes with Reilly nowadays. Beth is always reliably honest and brutal in her interactions, to the point that it’s painful to imagine being on the other side of her wrath. But at least Reilly has the decency to give her co-workers a slight heads up so they can brace themselves for the onslaught.