‘Yellowstone’: Beth Dutton Will Reportedly Reconnect With ‘Someone From Her Past’ in Season 5

by Lauren Boisvert

We’ve been speculating about “Yellowstone” season 5 since season 4 ended, and we’re not stopping any time soon. Now, we’re thinking about Beth Dutton and the fact that she doesn’t have any friends. According to a tidbit from TV Line, Beth will reconnect with someone she used to know, and our little speculative gears are starting to turn.

Thinking about Beth’s character, there’s no one she really connects with except her family and Rip. She’s effectively put up walls, repelling any new people who even want to try and get close to her. Not that anyone really tries. She’s prickly at best, and downright savage at her worst. And yet, she’s still human; she has to have some connection somewhere outside of her family.

Who is Beth’s Mysterious Old Friend?

Cue this new tidbit; Beth, allegedly, will reconnect with “someone from her past.” According to TV Line, “Season 5 will find [Kelly] Reilly’s Beth reconnecting with someone from her past — and to say these old friends are two mercurial peas in a pod is an understatement.”

So it looks like this mysterious someone is just like Beth: conniving, blunt, and devastating. My money is on Lainey Wilson’s new character that Taylor Sheridan wrote specifically for her. She’s playing a musician named Abby, but could it be possible that she knew Beth in the past? Maybe before she was all closed up to the outside world? Is there a version of Beth who was softer, less barbed?

TV Line claims the two characters are “mercurial peas in a pod,” but what if Abby is the opposite of Beth, but the complement to Beth’s wild streak? I think that would be interesting to see; someone to match Beth and give her attitude right back. Honestly, this is exciting for us “Yellowstone” fans; I’d really like to see Beth have a strong female friend in her life.

Fans Spot Potential Spoiler in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Set Pics

As for another little nugget of information about season 5, some eagle-eyed fans thought maybe they found a spoiler in a series of set photos. In a recent Reddit post, fans speculated on what could be going on with Rip and Beth and the bunkhouse boys in these pics.

First of all, Beth, Rip, Lloyd, and Ryan are outside of a bar. It’s possible that newlyweds Rip and Beth were out with some of the bunkhouse boys just having a good time. But, in one photo, Rip is seriously looking at Beth, like he’s explaining something crucial. Fans also noted that Rip doesn’t have his hat on; that usually happens when he get into a fight.

Judging by the fact that the cops are there, I’m guessing that Rip got into a fight about Beth. I’m speculating that someone got too fresh with his new wife and Rip forgot that Beth can kill a man with a look. Possibly they’ll have to navigate a protective side of Rip now that they’re married. Additionally, cops mean bad news for Rip; he’ll have to also navigate the “I don’t exist on this planet” thing.