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‘Yellowstone’: Beth Has Finally Met Her Match With Caroline Warner

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

A single look delivered by Kelly Reilly tells us that Yellowstone has finally delivered Beth Dutton her equal in Caroline Warner.

Hiring an actor of Jacki Weaver’s caliber to play a character completely out of her type is an excellent way to set the stage for a mix-up. A mix-up that Yellowstone desperately needs.

Weaver’s Market Equities CEO, Caroline Warner, got off to a rocky start. She enters in Episode 2 with a unnatural-feeling piece of dialogue meant to put her subordinates in place.

“I am never early and I am never late. I am the constant your time adjusts to.”

It’s a memorable line, but a bit ham-fisted. So for the first three episodes, Yellowstone fans haven’t really known what to think of Weaver in the role. But in Episode 4, she’s pitted directly against Kelly Reilly’s breakout character, and the sparks finally fly. It’s in this exchange that we see why it was a good idea to keep Beth alive – and why Weaver’s Market Equities CEO is the perfect foe to push her story forward.

‘Winning or Learning’ Finally Gives Beth a Worthy Adversary

Beth struts into the lodge bar with all the gusto we’ve come to expect from Reilly in the role. Foul thoughts fly from her mouth, for which there is no filter. And as she takes her seat, the look on Caroline Warner’s face is one of both shock and wonder.

Beth continues her ridiculous rapport, which at first feels too much, even for her character. But once Warner’s assistant, Ellis Steele (played by the returning John Emmet Tracy), gets fed up and leaves, it’s clear Beth has accomplished her goal: to get the top dog alone.

Beth believes this meeting will go as they typically do with Yellowstone CEOs, too. She’s expecting the typical “all bark and no bite” she’s experienced with the men of her past. “Say hello to the new boss,” she says, raising her glass to Caroline. “Same as the old boss.”

“I’m very different from the old boss, Beth,” Warner replies with a shake of her head. “I came up at a time when the corporate ladder what greased to keep women off it. And I climbed it anyway. Stepping over some little b*tch like you on every rung. The big dog is off the porch now, Beth. And I will tear you to f*cking pieces.”

Beth’s heard this before. She smiles, takes a sip of her usual double Titos with three olives, and sits back into her lounge chair. Then Caroline gives her how.

Caroline Warner Gets a Look Out of Beth We’ve Never Seen in ‘Yellowstone’

“Starting with an SCC investigation into you for market manipulation and insider trading. You want a fight. Let me introduce you to the f*cking fight of your life. That’s behind door number one.”

Jacki Weaver’s delivery here cements her as “the big dog” she promises to be. And it’s the look that Kelly Reilly sits in as Beth that proves Beth has finally met her match.

For once, Beth is speechless. Reilly slowly swallows, and with a slight tilt of the head her face goes blank. She’s been one-upped before. But not like this. There’s no hint of a smirk. No comeback bubbling under the surface. Instead, she listens.

“Behind door number two is common ground,” Caroline continues.

“Fire away,” Beth replies, swirling her drink. Warner lays out the opposite of destroying her, and Beth continues to listen. Because for the first in a long time, she’s scared for herself – and not someone else.

Later in the episode, she confirms to her father that she thinks Caroline‘s offer would “do good” for their Dutton empire, too. And when she does, she hands the Market Equities CEO the win we never thought we’d see – and that Roarke Morris never could’ve secured.