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‘Yellowstone’: Beth and John’s ‘Man-to-Man’ Relationship Explained

by Jon D. B.
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Yellowstone Season 4 finally lays out what John Dutton thinks is “too far” for his daughter, but it doesn’t stop Beth from talking to him “Man-to-Man.”

“I’m going to get you a girlfriend,” Beth tells her father in Season 4, Episode 4, “Winning or Learning.” It’s a sentiment most Yellowstone fans will agree with: John Dutton could really benefit from some good old fashioned companionship. His daughter, however, takes it a step “too far” in his book.

If you’ve watched the episode, then you know how Beth puts the rest of this statement to her father. Beth goes hard on her Man-to-Man talk. John himself can’t help but laugh, but this is his daughter, folks.

“This whole man-to-man shit thing we got goin’ on…” John stumbles to his daughter with a laugh.

But Beth cuts him off with a “Nope, I got it. I’m on it,” before he can say more than her name. It’s another fantastic sequence of dialogue for the Duttons. Yet there’s a whole lot more going on here. And as the Yellowstone cast pinpoints, it reveals more of John’s struggle.

‘Most of the people in John’s life are like John, they’re strong silent types…’

“Most of the people in John’s life are like John, they’re strong silent types,” analyzes Jimmy’s Jefferson White in the show’s latest Stories from the Bunkhouse. As the actor says of Kevin Costner’s grizzly patriarch, “It’s hard when the closest thing you have to a friend is your daughter.”

Ain’t that the truth. Adding to this, Ryan’s Ian Bohen believes “everybody needs that sort of conflict person that will tell you what’s going on, and doesn’t care about [tact].”

“They’re not going to spare your feelings,” interjects Colby’s Denim Richards.

“At all!” Bohen agrees. “And it feels so spot-on to me when she says that line to him,” he smiles. Don’t worry, the line is showcased in Stories from the Bunkhouse below. And it makes John grimace hard. So hard, in fact, that he pulls his whiskey away from his lips to draw a line with his daughter.

“He’s just like, ‘There’s a line!’ But you can tell that he needs someone to talk to him for real,” Bohen continues.

‘Yellowstone’s Jefferson White Nails Why Beth Has to Talk ‘Man-to-Man’ to Her Father

In the end, this incredibly unique father-daughter relationship boils down to John’s own loneliness.

“He’s at the top of his hierarchy and it’s lonely up there,” White explains. “There’s no one else that he can really trust except his family. And the whole show is about his relationship to his family being fractured and complicated.”

“Who is his best friend?” Bohen asks. “Who would he sit down and say ‘Man I have a problem’ to?”

“I think he does it to the fireplace!” Richards exclaims. Ain’t that the truth. “When he sits in that chair in the living room, and he just turns on the fire… He’s imagining what it would’ve been like if ‘if my wife was still here…'”

All too true. As Bohen emphasizes: “It’s lonely up there.”

Catch the full Stories from the Bunkhouse below for more from Yellowstone‘s fine actors.

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