‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill Reveals Season 5 Set Pics at Dutton Ranch, Praises Hardworking Crew

by Jonathan Howard

Right now the second half of Yellowstone Season 5 is under production. Thankfully, Brecken Merrill shared some set pics recently. It’s a great place to shoot a show or a movie, out in Big Sky country. We’ve seen all kinds of photos and videos from cast members. Each one feels like a small glimpse into an otherwise unknown future that fans will be seeing this fall.

Yellowstone fans are always leaning on every post and tip and leak that they can manage to get from whatever they can get. While it’s easy to focus on the stars of the series, Merrill wants to remind us who really gets the job done behind the scenes. The crew members!

“You’ll never meet harder workers than the [Yellowstone Season 5] crew. They do everything a regular crew does, but they do it in the woods, day and night and with both wild and domestic animals,” the young actor said on Instagram.

When you put together a series like Yellowstone it takes a lot of moving parts and a lot of manpower. Especially since Taylor Sheridan is all about doing things the right way. The real way. From his famous cowboy camp he puts his cast members through to using his own horses on the set, making sure his cast and crew are as safe as they can be.

Brecken’s got his head on straight. He knows that it’s those folks in the woods making the magic happen that deserve the credit. All of those workers should feel proud to put together a series like Yellowstone.

While this photo is nice to look at, let’s talk about some real stuff – like Season 5 speculation.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Flashbacks and Young Characters

One thing that we’ve heard time and time again throughout the summer is that we will see flashbacks of the Dutton’s lives. We know that young John, Beth, Rip, and possibly more will be featured in Season 5. Those flashbacks are going to be valuable in understanding the present-day story on the ranch and in the family. Expect to see something about Jamie and Beth’s past. And, how much of a badass is young Rip going to prove to be?

The Yellowstone season feels so close, but November is so far away. We don’t know exactly what the season has in store. However, we can expect more Beth and more Rip overall. Their story is going to be a big focus moving forward. In case you couldn’t tell, the series writers and Sheridan himself have hooked their wagon to Kelly Reilly. And for good reason.

So, Outsiders, what is your favorite preview so far of the offseason? There have been little hints and previews for weeks. Honestly, I just want more of these Montana horizons and skylines. From the mountains to the grassy fields and of course, those big blue skies.