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‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Shares Hilarious ‘2020 How It Started vs. How It’s Going’ Photos

by Madison Miller
Photo courtesy of Paramount Network Press Site

Surrounded by adults on the cast of “Yellowstone,” Brecken Merrill is the youngin’ of the group.

However, he seems to have quite the elevated sense of humor.

The star posted a “How it started” versus “How it’s going” picture to his Instagram. This is following the trend of a lot of memes surrounding the beginning and end of 2020.

The image not only perfectly captures the mess that is 2020, but also the drama and mess that happens in “Yellowstone.”

Merrill’s Instagram is a pretty sound embodiment of everything the young actor seems to represent. There are pictures of him fishing, horseback riding, and just admiring the outdoors. Just like his character Tate Dutton, the actor is an adventurer.

Brecken Merrill, The Young ‘Yellowstone’ Actor

Merrill is only 12, but in addition to “Yellowstone” has also been on “We All Got Up to Dance.”

The actor was excited to announce that his season four production was done being filmed back in November.

He said, “That’s a wrap on Tate for @yellowstone season 4!! Thank you so much to the cast and crew. I love you all!!”

The young actor did not disclose any information regarding season four, despite fans being beyond excited. The season three finale finished with many of the characters being in some pretty threatening situations.

For young Dutton, the fate of his family may just be in his small hands.


In his Instagram post, Merril used #yellowstonetv to help circulate his picture to all the avid fans hoping to keep up with the show or even get some spoilers.

One photographer fan posted a photo of a recent wedding he did that may look “like a scene from @Yellowstone this amazing elopement was right here in Western Colorado!”

Other photos under the hashtag are anything from Cole Hauser’s page in People’s Sexiest Men Alive issue, fans discussing the recent marathon of the show on TV, or even the whiskey that shares the same name.

For any “Yellowstone” fans out there, Walmart is selling a limited edition DVD set. The set includes all three seasons as well as drink coasters. This is a great way to watch the season without buying individual episodes or paying for Peacock premium.

While it may not directly be related to the show, there is a nice bourbon called “Yellowstone” dedicated to the national park. It also dedicates part of the proceeds to the National Parks Conservation Association.

So, fans of both the show and the national park may see this as a fitting gift.