‘Yellowstone’ Calls Teeter and Colby The Couple ‘We Didn’t Know We Needed’: Relive Their Best Moments

by Atlanta Northcutt

The saying opposites attract rings very true in the relationship between rough-around-the-edges Teeter and good-natured Colby on “Yellowstone.”

Dutton Ranch’s Teeter, played by Jen Landon, and Colby, played by Denim Richards, are shaking up the bunkhouse on TV’s #1 hit drama, and fans are here for it.

A New Yellowstone Romance: Teeter and Colby

The two have grown close throughout Season 3 while all hell has broken loose, including the two almost being trampled to death by Wade Morrow (Boots Southerland) and his son, Clint (Brent Walker).

The romance has been coming for a long time, bringing a great deal of joy to fans. Since her first appearance on Season 3, Teeter has had her eyes on the good-natured and hard-working Colby.

However, as much as fans ached for the two to get together, Teeter’s way of speaking isn’t the only unorthodox thing about her. She doesn’t quite know how to flirt and confuses aggression with flirtation.

Jen Landon on Teeter Flirting with Colby

Jen Landon spoke about working with Denim Richards and discussed Teeter and Colby’s blossoming relationship.

“We had to have this kind of role reversal in the sense that Teeter’s sexually harassing Colby,” says Landon. “So, we had some conversations where I was checking in with [Demin] like, ‘Hey, are you okay with this? ‘Hey, I’m going to touch you here at this point. Is that cool?’ He was always game and collaborative.”

Finding Love in the Chaos

It has taken a while for Colby to warm up to Teeter’s unruly behavior, but the two have become drawn to each other. Colby understands Teeter’s unconventional ways, and it seems those ways attract him even more to her. Teeter and Colby have even shared intimate moments together, gaining full fan approval.

Similar to life, the largest revelations on “Yellowstone” come after near-death experiences or the threat of death for people to understand how they feel about one another and what’s important to them.

Following the attack on Colby and Teeter, Colby is gentle, caring, and tender while taking care of Teeter’s wound. The amount of concern Colby feels for Teeter at that moment lets her be uncharacteristically vulnerable. The two find a comfortable silence together where Colby finally kisses Teeter in the safety of each others’ presence.