‘Yellowstone’ Cast Celebrating Not One, But Two Birthdays This Halloween

by Jon D. B.
Yellowstone Season 4 cast. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

These two Yellowstone stars, who will reprise their polar-opposite characters in Season 5, are both celebrating a birthday this Halloween.

The return of television’s #1 show is right around the corner. But today is Halloween, so we should be seeing plenty of Beth and Rip costumes in the meantime. Hopefully we see a few Summer and Emily costumes, too, as October 31 is also the birthday of Piper Perabo and Kathryn Kelly!

“We’ve got two Yellowstone birthdays to celebrate! Here’s to Piper Perabo and Kathryn Kelly!” the show tweeted out this morning in honor of the two Season 4 newcomers. We’re still getting to know both Summer and Emily, but Season 5 should should help us out significantly in that department as both actors are set to return as series regulars.

“Thanks Yellowstone! Happy Birthday Kathryn!!!!” Perabo replies with a perfect Rip Wheeler Gif. Kelly isn’t on Twitter, however, so we’ll just have to hope her castmates are reaching out.

Plenty of fans are chiming in with birthday wishes on Twitter regardless, and Outsider’s joining in with a hearty “Happy Birthday!” of our own to these two excellent actors and their welcomed characters.

As for what to expect from Emily and Summer in Season 5, we’ve got a few ideas.

‘Yellowstone’ Set to Further Explore Emily’s Relationship with Jimmy

If there’s one man who needed the influence of a woman like Emily on Yellowstone, it’s Jimmy. Over the course of four seasons, we’ve watched as Jefferson White‘s character was pulled from the depths of drug addiction into becoming a Yellowstone ranch hand by way of the Brand. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) did so as a favor to his grandfather, but Jimmy proved to be a tall order. After breaking his word to John, Jimmy was sent to become a ranch hand on Texas’ 6666 ranch as a “last chance.”

Jimmy now works down in Texas permanently, which is where he met Emily. But we can’t forget, Jimmy wears the Y Brand, so he’ll never truly be separate – or free – from the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch. And chances are we’re about to find out how Emily deals with this herself in Season 5.

As for Emily herself, we first met the Texas vet tech as she worked on 6666’s horses. There, she meets displaced Yellowstone ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom. The two quickly fall in love, and fans were just as surprised as Jimmy’s fellow Yellowstone bunkers that the two became engaged within a matter of weeks. They’d go on to travel back and forth from Texas and Montana after a raucous start.

Will John Dutton Save Summer Higgins?

Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins in Yellowstone Season 4. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Summer Higgins, however, has a whole other world of problems ahead of her. Perabo’s character arrived in Montana to protest the work of ranchers, including the Duttons, which would land her in jail real fast. But the conscience of John Dutton leads to him releasing her from jail, and an unlikely romance and friendship buds.

As Yellowstone Season 4 ended, John swore to help free Summer from a severe court sentencing – a plot we know will continue into Season 5 as their relationship grows when the show returns on November 13.