‘Yellowstone’ Cast Members React to Season 5 Teaser Trailer

by Shelby Scott

After a months-long wait, Yellowstone has finally unveiled its season five teaser. And, as usual, it seems Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the series’ creative team have cranked up the heat. Premiering the teaser at the 2022 MTV VMAs, fans erupted in a frenzy over the show’s latest development. But over on Instagram, on Yellowstone’s official page, the series’ cast members shared their own reactions to the news. And, based on their comments, season five is looking to be the most exciting, suspenseful, and thrilling season yet. 

We don’t get a whole lot of context from the teaser, though the brief soundtrack alone hints that Sheridan isn’t holding back on the punches for the season opener. With a brief feature on our headlining stars, including Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, and Cole Hauser, the show’s patriarch, Kevin Costner, warns viewers, “We’re gonna show the world who we are, and what we do.” 

Plenty of fans took to the comments, but Yellowstone star Ian Bohen, known for his role as Ryan, promised, “Yeah this is gonna rock hard.” 

Jefferson White, who’s played Jimmy Hurdstrom since the show’s first season, added, “Best season yet.” 

Even Kevin Costner, who plays the typically tight-lipped John Dutton on Yellowstone, teased, “Who’s ready?” 

Finally, as if the Yellowstone cast didn’t have us amped enough, Denim Richards, who plays the ranch hand Colby, got fans thinking, asking, “what do you all think will be the BIGGEST revelation this season 5?” 

Be sure to tune in to the Paramount Network when Yellowstone debuts its brand new season on Sunday, November 13th.

The Major Detail You Missed During Your First Watch of the ‘Yellowstone’ Teaser

Despite that Yellowstone’s first season five trailer is just an unbearably brief 15 seconds long, there’s actually a lot to unpack. And, thanks to the keen eye of Outsider’s Jon. D.B., we have a little more insight as to what we might expect when Yellowstone returns this fall. 

The first moments of the trailer spotlight Beth Dutton as she spins to peer over her shoulder. And while her gaze appears trained on another unseen individual, fans can see, to the far right, what looks to be an urn. But as our astute Yellowstone extraordinaire points out here, just who does the urn belong to? 

We’ve seen lots of death across four complete seasons of the neo-Western drama, but season four was pivotal as one of the biggest deaths came when Beth’s brother Jamie murdered his biological father. Could it belong to him? Unlikely. His body disappeared during our last trip to the train station. Didn’t it? 

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