‘Yellowstone’ Cast Members Sound Off on Major Character’s ‘Final Judgment’ in Premiere

by Quentin Blount

All of us here at Outsider were all floored after watching the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone. By the sounds of it, even some of the cast members were, too.

That’s right, folks — Yellowstone is back and you know what that means. Our favorite podcasts will be returning to break down the events of each episode. Episode 21 of the Stories from the Bunkhouse podcast was uploaded to the official Paramount Network YouTube page on Tuesday.

For those out there who are new here, Yellowstone is a drama series that follows the Dutton family. They are led by family patriarch John Dutton, who is played by the one and only Kevin Costner. Dutton and his family currently control the largest contiguous ranch in the entire country. As a result, they are constantly under threats from land developers, nearby Indian reservations, and, of course, America’s first national park.

In the latest episode of the podcast, the Bunkhouse Boys — Jefferson White, Denim Richards, and Ian Bohen — break down exactly how the series antagonist, Roarke Morris comes to meet his end.

“There’s one thing you can say for Roarke, and that is that he died doing what he loves,” White says in the video. White plays Jimmy Hurdstrom in the show. “You might as well die fly fishing. That’s the most that you could hope for.”

Perhaps not everyone would agree with that assessment, but there’s a strong chance that Happy Days star Henry Winkler would. We have covered his fly fishing excursions extensively here on Outsider.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Premiere Death Scene was Crazy

If you haven’t yet watched the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone, now is your chance to turn back before getting any more details about what happens to Roarke. Jefferson White explains who takes out Roake and how it happened.

“Rip shows up in the river where Roarke is fly fishing,” White said. “[He] comes at him with that cooler. Roarke has been orchestrating the violence but he’s kept a safe distance from it. And this time the violence comes to him.”

Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan on the hit show, gave his two thoughts on the situation as well.

“Yeah. We don’t believe that he was the mastermind, we just know that he’s bad and evil and he’s wanted. We don’t put this on him as his final judgment. We’re just tired of his sh—t.”

“I just think it’s an interesting way to kill someone,” Bohen continued. The podcast then cuts to a clip showing how Rip Hauser ends up killing Roarke. It’s definitely interesting, to say the least. Rip opens up a cooler and inside is a venomous snake that bites Roarke in the face. He then succumbs to the bite while frothing at the mouth.