‘Yellowstone’ Cast Open Up About Their Special Bond at the SAG Awards

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders have come to love “Yellowstone” for the thrilling dynamic the characters share on-screen. However, the cast members that play those characters recently shared what makes their bonds so special off-screen. Now, we get to take a peek at that as the series’ stars headed into the prestigious SAG Awards. Check out the clip below.

When asked what the most special part is regarding the “Yellowstone” crew’s bond, Laramie actress Hassie Harrison made a joke about her costars’ matching floral suits.

However, on a more serious note, Ryan actor Ian Bohen began, “Our showrunner cast the show perfectly. He knows all the personalities and he put them together, and we’re just like family.”

That said, we often see on “Yellowstone” that constant family bonding isn’t always a good thing. However, Bohen explained, “Every day is like camp, and we just play.”

“We all get to live in Montana together and make bonfires and actually hang out,” added Harrison. “It’s genuine love,” concluded the Ryan actor.

Hopefully, then, fans will just get to see that love develop more when “Yellowstone” returns for its fifth season.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Look Forward to Multiple Sheridan Projects

“Yellowstone” continues to grow its fanbase and see enduring success ahead of its fifth season. However, the series’ creator Taylor Sheridan is keeping himself busy releasing spin-off after spin-off. And while “1883” debuted as “Yellowstone’s” first spin-off, Sheridan has a multitude of series in the works. Several of those will also expand on the neo-Western’s universe.

“1883” took Outsiders back to the original Duttons, where James Dutton planted the roots of the now-massive Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

However, some upcoming series include “1932” and “6666.” And the two upcoming spin-offs will surely continue to expand the Taylor Sheridan series’ already broad fanbase.

Over on Reddit though, fans discussed which of the spin-offs, not to mention the “Yellowstone” creator’s additional projects, they are looking forward to most.

One fan shared, “Lioness ought to be interesting. Dramas about the intelligence agencies are normally always interesting.”

For those of you that haven’t checked out “Lioness” yet, the upcoming series will star Zoe Saldaña and iconic actress Nicole Kidman. Considered an espionage thriller, the brand new series will follow a Marine on his mission to befriend the daughter of a terrorist. From there, she intends to breach the father’s company and bring it down from within.

Compared to “Yellowstone,” “Lioness” veers in a pretty unique direction.

Other fans expressed excitement for the upcoming “Yellowstone” spin-off, “1932.” However, one fan has an entire agenda planned out for viewing the Taylor Sheridan universe.

“First I’m looking forward to the next season of Yellowstone,” they began. “Then I want to see more of 1883. then I’d like to see 1932.”

In reality, we’re just looking forward to the release dates of all these “Yellowstone” spin-offs and Taylor Sheridan projects so we can watch them all.