‘Yellowstone’: Celebrate Mother’s Day With This Hilarious Clip of the Bunkhouse Boys Talking About Their Moms

by Amy Myers
Paramount Network

In honor of Mother’s Day, Yellowstone bunkhouse stars Denim Richards, Ian Bohen and Jefferson White sat down to talk about their moms (and grandmoms). Not surprisingly, the women responsible for raising these three incredible actors are huge fans of the show.

While the Yellowstone bunkhouse moms have never met in person, they’ve taken it upon themselves to get to know the cast and family members over social media. In fact, Richard’s mom, Molly, tends to know more about what’s happening in the fellow actors’ lives than he does most of the time.

“I think she seems to know so much more about everybody else that I worked with somehow,” Richards shared. “I’ll get a phone call and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, hey, like, how’s it going?’ Like, ‘Oh, great. Do you see that Jeff was doing something?'”

“She follows all you guys on social media,” he added.

According to Richards, he has his mom to thank for his role on Yellowstone after a fateful meeting with Kevin Costner in a Hawaii elevator when he was just a toddler.

“So apparently that’s really what the key to success is. Just get into an elevator at a young age and a movie star and your parents,” he joked.

Meanwhile, White’s mom channels her supportive energy into watching every episode of the show.

“My mom, Amy, watches the show religiously,” White said proudly. “She’s a public librarian in Lisbon, Iowa and Paramount network very kindly donated some DVDs of Yellowstone to the Lisbon Public Library.”

“She’s very kind and generous in her support,” he added.

‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Actor Jefferson White Says Grandmother Wants Show to Have ‘More Explicit Violence’

Yellowstone is by no means a lighthearted, carefree series. In almost every episode, someone is the subject of a beatdown or threatened with one. Still, White’s grandmother believes that this isn’t enough.

“My grandma loves the show, but I’m just gonna put it out in writing right now – she wants there to be more swearing,” the Yellowstone bunkhouse mate shared. “She wants there to be more explicit violence.”

In the beginning of the clip, White even admitted that his grandmother wants his own character, Jimmy Hurdstrom, to get hurt more often on the show.

“She keeps saying it’s weak as hell,” White joked.

As for Ian Bohen, his mom didn’t request any more shakedowns on Yellowstone. Rather, she just really wants to be able to see where her son works. According to Bohen, there’s not a single new development about the show that Pam doesn’t already know about.

“My mom’s a fanatic. She watches everything that comes out. She reads everyone’s tweets, she does,” Bohen shared. “I’m gonna bring it to set next season.”

Apparently, Bohen’s mom “can’t control her love, and she’s gonna go insane. Her head’s gonna blow.”

Bohen deemed her “the is Number One Yellowstone mom fan.”