‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Another Massive Milestone Days After Record-Breaking Season 5 Premiere

by Taylor Cunningham
courtesy of Paramount

Yellowstone is still basking in the glow of its hugely-successful Season 5 premiere. Once the two-hour episode ended, the series’ fan base exploded, which caused social media followings to skyrocket. On Twitter, Yellowstone updated fans about its successful start to the season by sharing that the show’s YouTube page now has 1 million followers.

“Congrats! Make sure you’re following #YellowstoneTV on YouTube,” the show’s official Twitter wrote.

The influx in followers is no surprise though. It came after the premiere had a record-breaking night that saw more than 12 million people tune in through the various simulcasts including Paramount, CMT, TV Land, and Comedy Central.

‘Yellowstone’ Viewership is on the Rise

The ratings for the premiere also proved that viewership was up 52 percent in the 18 to 34 range and 22 percent in the 18 to 49 compared to the Season 4 debut, According to Deadline. Ratings among 24 to 54 year old jumped by 13 percent. And overall, there were 800,000 more total views on Paramount.

The story this year is bound to keep fans hooked, too. So it’s likely that those ratings will inch higher as the season continues.

The episode showed that John Dutton did in fact win his bid for Montana governor as he celebrated his swearing-in. However, he doesn’t seem thrilled to be in the position. His daughter, Beth, is also helping his chief of staff.

“They are both incredibly reluctant to be there,” Beth’s actress Kelly Reilly told Deadline. “I don’t think either one of them has any interest in this world. However, and it is a big one, Beth understands, as does John, that this is necessary in order to shut down the building of the airport. And the only way that they can enforce real change is for him to become governor.”

“To see John and Beth in this position of power, perhaps squirming in it, it’s not how they play. They’re dirty in the way they do their dealings in business and now they’re having to toe the line a little bit and do things properly. It’s quite fun to see Beth not quite able to manage that,” she continued.

The installment also dove right into the drama with a heartbreaking death that will prove to be a lasting storyline for weeks to come. Season 5 looks to have more room for twists and turns as well. With 14 episodes, it is the longest run to date. However, fans will have to watch in two parts. Yellowstone will take a mid-season hiatus after the first eight episodes.