‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates ‘Earth Day’ Dropping Stunning Sunset Pic From the Ranch

by Katie Maloney

With scenery like the kind the Yellowstone cast get to enjoy, every day is Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day! Although getting outdoors and appreciating all that Mother Nature has to offer is the norm for us Outsiders, today is the day to take a special moment to acknowledge the beauty of our world. And Yellowstone is doing exactly that with their latest Tweet. The show posted a photo of a cast member in full cowboy gear standing with his horse in front of a gorgeous purple and pink sunset sky. Along with the photo, Yellowstone wrote, “Celebrating #EarthDay with a beautiful view from the ranch.”

How to Celebrate Earth Day Yellowstone-Style

Whether or not the Duttons actually take time to appreciate the beauty of their land, it’s clear that they appreciate it. After all, their entire livelihood depends on that land. So, in honor of Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of Yellowstone-worthy activities that you can do to celebrate your own land today.

Plan a Camping Trip

After Tate Dutton is saved from his kidnapping, John Dutton decides that the whole group needs a reset. So, he takes his grandson and few others out for a relaxing camping trip. While there, the two sleep in, go fishing and simply enjoy the peace of the outdoors. During this clip from Yellowstone, Tate asks John, “Why can’t we live right here, like this, all the time?” John replies, “You know, I ask myself the same thing every day, grandson. Every day.”

So, grab your tents and some fishing poles and celebrate Earth Day!

Cook a Delicious Meal Like in Yellowstone

Mealtimes are what bring a family together – even the Duttons. No, Dutton dinners may not involve the most civil of interactions, but at least the family is together? Regardless of how dysfunctional Dutton dinners may be, you can have your own (hopefully more joyful) mealtime. In keeping with the Earth Day theme, gather up some ingredients from your own garden. If you don’t have your own garden, find some produce at a local farmer’s market or grab some fresh ingredients from the grocery store. Cook up your favorite recipe and enjoy with a meal your family or friends. And don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate those Earth-grown ingredients before eating.

During this episode of Scenes from the Bunkhouse, the Yellowstone cast reveals their favorite meals from on-set chef, Gabrielle ‘Gator’ Guilbeau.

The Yellowstone cast talks food.

Give ‘Earthing’ a Try

Also known as “grounding,” earthing is the practice of walking barefoot, sitting, or lying in the dirt or grass. The theory is that, by connecting your body to the Earth, you can restore imbalances in your energy. In other words, you absorb the magical healing powers of nature.

During this scene of Yellowstone, Beth kind of does her own version of earthing as she lays on the dirt in the horse corral.

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler dance in the arena.