‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Father’s Day and Tate Actor Brecken Merrill’s Birthday with ‘Family Photo’

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” picked the perfect photo for a dual celebration: Father’s Day and Tate Dutton actor Brecken Merrill’s birthday.

In an Instagram post on Sunday morning, the official @Yellowstone account wished all “Yellowstone” fans a happy Father’s Day, and Merrill a happy birthday, with a photo of Merrill, Kayce Dutton actor Luke Grimes and John Dutton actor Kevin Costner all suited up to go hunting one fine Montana day.

“Wishing our fans a very happy Father’s Day and Brecken Merrill (aka Tate Dutton) the happiest of birthdays. #YellowstoneTV,” the @Yellowstone Instagram account posted.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Express Impatience

While at least one “Yellowstone” star has recently assured fans that Season 4 will be worth the wait, many fans are still anxious to see the premiere date announced. And some of them took to Instagram to remind Yellowstone that, based on the June premiere dates of the last three seasons, Season 4 is looking to come out behind schedule.

“A great fathers day gift would be Season 4 dropping today like it should have been,” one fan posted in reply.

“Wishing Yellowstone was coming back on with season 4 today!” another fan chimed in.

“Paramount had better put this show on their channel,” one particularly impatient fan posted. “This is total crap that their (sic) not going to air it!!!! If they don’t I’ll never watch this channel again!!!!”

The consensus seemed to be that the show’s Father’s Day wishes were all very well and good, but it’s past time for Paramount to announce the Season 4 premiere date.

As for why the delay, there are a host of possible reasons. They had to re-shoot some scenes. They didn’t want to conflict with the Olympics. The pandemic pushed things back this year.

One thing’s for sure: “Yellowstone” fans do not like being kept waiting, and they are not taking it quietly. Looks like that’s just the price the show has to pay for their devotion.

Brecken Merrill Becomes a Teenager

Merrill, known simply as Tate to legions of “Yellowstone” fans, is turning 13 today. He recently welcomed a new addition to his family, a baby boy cousin, and the teenaged Merrill is getting old enough to teach the tyke a thing or two about the world.

In between shooting seasons of “Yellowstone,” the actor has been keeping busy. He has a new puppy, a Jack Russell Terrier named Betty. He’s also picked up a new hobby: dissecting owl pellets.

And, unfortunately for impatient “Yellowstone” fans, Merrill has been as disciplined as his castmates about spoilers. Fans will have to catch Merrill in the Season 4 premiere to find out what happens to Tate next.