‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Labor Day 2021 Airing All of Season 3: How to Watch

by Lauren Boisvert
Paramount Press Center

It’s been all Yellowstone all the time on Paramount the last few days. The network aired the Workin’ the Yellowstone Labor Day Marathon Saturday at noon, starting with season 1 and is concluding with season 3 today, Monday starting at noon.

The official Yellowstone Instagram page posted about the marathon, featuring a photo of Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd; fans proceeded to comment on how much they’re loving the marathon: “Had it on all day yesterday!” one fan commented. Another said, “I’ve done nothing all weekend – except watch Paramount all day long! #husbandgettingangry #yellowstoneaddicted.”

Old fans and new viewers can watch the most recent season in real-time on the Paramount Channel, or watch it all again and again on Paramount Plus. In addition, Yellowstone season 4 premieres on Paramount on November 7.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 3: Favorite Moments

On Reddit, Yellowstone fans shared a few of their favorite moments from each season. For season 3, there wasn’t a similar answer in the bunch, what with all the amazing moments to choose from.

User Justachocolateteapot wrote in the original post, “The scene [in season 3] where John has the bikers dig their graves. It’s beautiful to me because we get a feel for how much John cares about the land – and how little he cares about people who aren’t ‘his.'”

In the comments, user Jalynt13 said their favorite moment includes Beth’s proposal to Rip. For another commenter, “it’s the end of the season where Rip regretfully shoots the horse.”

Hopes for Season 4

With Yellowstone season 4 about a month away, premiering on November 7, fans love to speculate about what’s going to happen. Reddit user Enemies_of_Carlotta made a few straightforward predictions when season 3 first ended: “Jimmy’s probably fine. Just rang his bell getting bucked off. Beth lives, but will of course now have more facial bruises and scarring. Kayce probably handled himself behind the desk. John will be fine. No Costner. No show. Jamie will go full bad guy. Rip wages a war the likes of which these fools are not prepared for.”

Another Yellowstone fan isn’t so sure about Beth, though, writing, “that’s some serious plot armor if she survives a blast from 6ft away that threw debris onto the road causing a major car crash,” continuing by stating, “her death would also help play the Rip revenge card with much more ferocity.”

As for who ordered the attack on the Duttons, one fan noted that Thomas Rainwater seemed unlikely: “I don’t think any of this came from Rainwater. He & John may be on opposite sides but I don’t see the man as a murderer.” They also stirred the pot a bit with the comment, “Interesting how Jamie was left as the only one standing isn’t it.” Interesting, indeed.