‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Birthday With Epic Horse Photo

by Lauren Boisvert

Today is Taylor Sheridan‘s birthday, and “Yellowstone” is celebrating with the most epic photo of the showrunner ever in existence. In the photo, posted on Twitter, Sheridan brings a horse into a short stop, kicking up dirt in the ring. He’s sitting up tall in the saddle, signature cowboy hat on his head. His shirt reads “Been Doing Cowboy S–t All Day.”

Essentially, writing, directing, running “Yellowstone” is the equivalent of “doing cowboy s–t.” Sheridan works hard at what he does. I wouldn’t say he makes it look easy, because it’s definitely not. But, he does make it look fun. Cowboy Camp? Sign me right up.

The “Yellowstone” cast is always lauding Taylor Sheridan for what he does on the show, and with good reason. In late June, Kelsey Asbille spoke incredibly highly of Sheridan, sharing in a Hollywood Reporter interview that she’s in awe of his talent. “I started working with Taylor on ‘Wind River,’” she said. “So he contacted me and told me about ‘Yellowstone.’ I sound like a broken record, too, but I’d follow him anywhere. He’s one of the great American storytellers. At this point, we’ve kind of become his – we’re a little traveling circus of his. I love telling his stories.”

So, Taylor Sheridan is beloved by his cast, crew, and fans, and not just on his birthday. Here’s hoping he takes a page from John Dutton’s book and has come cake with his steak to celebrate.

Why Taylor Sheridan and ‘Yellowstone’ Aren’t Getting the Emmy Recognition They Deserve

Not to be a bummer on Sheridan’s birthday, but why isn’t “Yellowstone” getting any love from the Emmy Awards? I know, an award isn’t always a mark of a show or movie’s quality. But it would be nice for “Yellowstone” to get a little recognition. Especially now that the critics are finally sitting up and taking notice. So we’re asking the question: what reasons could the voters have to pass on “Yellowstone” every year?

It could be good old fashioned time. There are so many shows to watch and only so many hours in the day. But, when watching shows is your whole job, there should be plenty of time. And four years in a row? Could the voters have watched season one, not liked it, and then decided not to watch the rest of the seasons in the following years? It’s possible. It’s also possible that the voters associate “Yellowstone” with a certain demographic, a certain set of values.

But, it’s not exactly that. It’s not just for one subset of people who live in the Western United States. It’s not just for cowboys. I love it for its escapism, it’s just slightly exaggerated realism. “Yellowstone” is about real issues, but it’s got a little soap opera flavor. It’s definitely melodramatic, and some people aren’t into that. But, I think, there’s no denying that the cast, crew, and everyone involved on the show is immensely talented, and they deserve some awards for their work.