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‘Yellowstone’: The Character Beth Needs to Reunite With in Season 5

by Leanne Stahulak

During “Yellowstone” Season 3, Beth Dutton met a potentially powerful ally (or enemy) who surprisingly didn’t appear in Season 4.

The person in question was Angela Blue Thunder, the lawyer for the Broken Rock Reservation. Thomas Rainwater recruited Angela to help find a way to slow down Market Equities. Angela did just that, finding several environmental threats that would keep Market Equities tied up in court for a while.

And when John Dutton and Rainwater realized they both wanted to take down Market Equities, they sent Angela to Beth’s office to work on a plan together. Except… we never see them really interact on “Yellowstone” after that one scene.

One “Yellowstone” fan started a discussion on Reddit about the two potentially teaming up together in Season 5. Though, the momentum would certainly be lost since Angela never appeared in Season 4.

“I’m watching the marathon and just saw the scene with Beth and Angela Blue Thunder meeting in Beth’s office. (S3 E7) That scene should have led to these two powerful women working together. They would have made a fierce adversary for Market Equities. Not following up with them was such a wasted opportunity,” the original poster wrote.

When another fan followed up to clarify what happened between Angela and Beth after that, the original poster filled in the gaps. “Nothing happened. First John and Rainwater met and decided to get Beth and Angela to meet. They meet and still nothing. I think that would have been really interesting to see what kind of havoc those two could wreak,” the original poster commented.

But let’s not forget that the Duttons and Broken Rock Reservation are supposed to be antagonists. “Personally, I think they would have made even better enemies,” a different “Yellowstone” fan commented. “But, another wasted storyline either way.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans React to News That Season 5 Will Launch New Taylor Sheridan Shows

If you haven’t heard already, “Yellowstone” Season 5 will be here sooner than we thought. It’ll premiere in two parts, with seven episodes per part. And the first part is expected to air this summer, per the Wall Street Journal.

But along with “Yellowstone” Season 5, fans should also expect to see Taylor Sheridan’s newest shows hitting Paramount this year. He currently has nine in the works, including the flagship show, and fans are not quite happy to hear it.

On Reddit, one fan posted a screenshot of an article discussing how Part 1 of Season 5 will launch “The Tulsa King” starring Sylvester Stallone. The second part of Season 5 will supposedly launch “1883” or “1932.” Either way, we can expect to see a lot of promotion for these shows surrounding the new season.

“It will be used to launch other series. What great news, like no,” one fan commented. “Why can’t they let Yellowstone be Yellowstone. I absolutely hate that they are using it to boost other series. But, we shall see what happens. I hope it will be enjoyable as the former seasons.”