‘Yellowstone’: Check Out This Awesome New Pic of the Dutton Ranch From Season 5 Set

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” is deep into filming season 5, with a premiere date set for November 13. While on set, Colby star Denim Richards snapped a cool pic of the Dutton Ranch under clear blue skies.

The big barn sits in the middle of the photo, surrounded by other barns and the corral in front. Behind it all are the rolling hills dotted with trees. The sky is a pure, rich blue, not a cloud in sight. I can imagine that it’s hot there, Summer in Montana and all. But it also looks so beautiful there.

“Let’s go to work!” Richards captioned the photo. Previously, he shared a video of a gorgeous sunset over the Dutton Ranch. Rich hues of orange, thick stripes of clouds, horses bedding down for the night. All this against the backdrop of the incredible mountains. Denim Richards definitely knows how to capture the ranch’s good side. Not that there’s really a bad side, is there?

Why Behind-the-Scenes Photos Are So Important For Fans, and Why the Ranch Has So Much ‘Soul’

These photos and videos definitely help fans feel connected to the process of creating “Yellowstone.” It’s fun to peek behind the scenes and see what the film set is like. But, even then, it doesn’t feel like a film set. That’s because the Dutton Ranch is filmed on a real ranch in Montana, the Chief Joseph in Darby.

Back during season 4 filming, “Yellowstone” set decorator Carla Curry made a feature on the show’s Instagram page discussing the “soul” of the show. She attributed this completely to the Chief Joseph Ranch. The ranch includes a historic lodge that was built in 1914, perfectly preserved, that they use for the Dutton’s home on the ranch. “And so we’ve tried to make it feel like, in the Dutton world, that it had its place for generations in this family,” said Curry of the lodge. “This is where they could go to feel the family. The home has become almost its own character.”

Because the Chief Joseph lodge is a historic site, set designers couldn’t change or alter anything inside or out. But, they didn’t even need to. Everything in the lodge has its own purpose, its own story when it comes to creating the Duttons’ world.

Can We Expect Renewal News Soon for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 6?

As I’ve said before, it’s never too early to start thinking about “Yellowstone” season 6. This year, Paramount announced the season 5 premiere date in May, long after season 4 ended in early January. Could we see a long stretch of no “Yellowstone” renewal news like that again?

It’s possible that Paramount will take their time in renewing “Yellowstone” for a sixth season. They could be looking to create anticipation, bring in new viewers, and drag things out so fans are raring to go when they actually do renew the show. I’m confident there will be a season 6; whether it’s going to be the last season or not, I’m not sure. But, with how much Paramount is loving Taylor Sheridan right now, there’s no way they’ll cancel their biggest draw.

So, we don’t know when it will come, but definitely look out for a season 6 renewal announcement. Most likely after season 5 ends, but still. Better late than never.