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‘Yellowstone’: Chief Joseph Ranch Thanks Sheridans, Cast and Crew as They Look Forward to ‘Bright 2022’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Chief Joseph Ranch, the filming location for “Yellowstone” show, thanked the Sheridans, Cast, and Crew while saying they looked forward to a “bright 2022.”

Director Taylor Sheridan brought his show to the Montana ranch back in 2018, and things haven’t been the same since. Four seasons later, the “Yellowstone” show is among the top-rated shows in the nation and locally in the Darby area.

In March, owner Shane Libel was proud his ranch was in the show. he said it was “the most surreal thing in the world – and the most humbling thing in the world – is when you’re sitting in your own living room watching a show that’s filmed in your house.”

One fan, Lisa Joyce, had a lot of love for the ranch, saying, “Oh, thank you for being the only bright light this year. Cheers to 2022.”

Another said they were already looking forward to Season 5. We know one is in the works, thanks to star Cole Hauser. In March, he already let the cat of the bag that worked on Season 5 would make fans happy.

The Instagram post garnered over 7,000 likes late Sunday.

Fans Spy The Ranch Before Season 4 Premiere

“Yellowstone” fans took to the skies to see what was going on at the ranch before this current season.

A Reddit fan posted a view of the ranch from above using Microsoft Flight Simulator. That post led to a discussion about how close the Chief Joseph Ranch was to a significant road and any nearby town.

By the way, the Missoula International Airport is 68 miles away and the closest airport. That city is also pretty close to Darby, making for a drive of over 1-hour, 15-minutes.

Another fan employed Google Earth to get a close-up look at the ranch. Mainly, “Yellowstone” fans wanted a different perspective on the filming location.

“Can almost see Beth smoking from that view,” another fan joked while another wanted an overhead view of the train station. But why? There are only two bodies there, right? Wink, wink.

Owner Proud Of Ranch

Shane Libel and his family “run the ranch as a guest ranch from June through August.” 

The man said hundreds of people come to the site and take the Dutton Ranch sign photos. They do it “often times through the gates.”

Libel’s proud of the “Yellowstone” association and even leaves the sign up year-round for fans.

But the ranch is a working one, too. Libel said the ranch has “horses and cows” and sells hay. They operate as a real ranch.

But the family keeps “Yellowstone” in mind when doing any exterior work on the ranch. The owner said, “there’s always a balance between ‘what do we preserve historically?’ – and ‘what do we make functional for the modern family?’”