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‘Yellowstone’ Clothing: Where to Buy The Best of John Dutton’s Western Wear

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press

Want to dress to kill, Yellowstone fans? Look the part of a Dutton patriarch with our full breakdown of John Dutton’s clothing and iconic looks right here.

John Dutton’s wardrobe is as iconic as they come, and Yellowstone Season 4 cemented several timeless looks for the Western icon. Below, we’ve gathered every piece you’ll need to recreate the outfits made iconic by Kevin Costner – straight from the actual brands featured on the show.

The Breakdown: Dress Like John Dutton

John Dutton Clothing: Budget-Friendly Options

Want a bit more detail? Of course you do! Read on for complete breakdowns of the most iconic JD pieces; from that quilted jacket to the many hats of John Dutton by the company responsible for Yellowstone’s stellar, weathered cowboy toppers, Greeley Hat Works.

John’s Iconic Season 4 Quilted Jacket

Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Yellowstone Season 4. Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press

Kevin Costner has elevated several clothing pieces to iconic status on Yellowstone. One piece stands out above the rest, however, and that’s his now iconic Season 4 jacket. Several brands, including L.L. Bean and Huckberry, make a top-of-the-line version of this jacket. Wrangler, too, has made one in the past.

Seeing as how Yellowstone Season 4 blew away all previous cable television records, though, each of these jackets has sold out at one time or another. Which is exactly why we’re including every single place to get (a version of) John Dutton’s jacket for our fellow fans below.

If you want the jacket, however, then that’s 100% Schaefer Outfitter’s Blacktail Quilted Rangewax Jacket. The jacket has become so popular, in fact, that Schaefer has re-labeled it on their site with “As Seen on Yellowstone.” Talk about iconic:

For secondary options, check out the following:

But what JD list would be complete without the patriarch’s classic Yellowstone Ranch vests?

The Patriarch’s Timeless ‘Yellowstone’ Vests

Kevin Costner sporting the timeless black Yellowstone Ranch vest as John Dutton. Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press Gallery.

If looking the part of a true Yellowstone patriarch is more your style, however, then you’ll want to check out Yellowstone‘s official merchandise store below. There, you can grab yourself an official Yellowstone-branded vest and a whole lot more.

But there’s not just one version of John Dutton’s iconic vest. There’s two, in fact: the timeless true black and the time-worn brown khaki. They sold out during Season 4, but be sure to check the official shop often at the links below for both vests as they’re coming back in stock:

If you’re looking for something a little less flashy but every bit as authentic, Schaefer’s Arena Vest was fitted for Costner on Yellowstone, too:

And last but certainly not least, what’s a cowboy without his hat?

The Many Hats of John Dutton by Greeley Hat Works

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

When it comes to the many hats of John Dutton, each has one thing in common: they’re all tried-n-true, classic cowboy wide-brims made by Greeley Hat Works.

Specifically, their quality and weathered look is a Greeley trademark. During Season 4, John either sports a chocolate or bone white wide-brim cowboy hat, which you can find variations of over at Greeley Hat Works. But beware that Greeley hats are an investment, and they’re not your run-o’-the-mill cowboys hats, which is exactly why Yellowstone‘s production chose them to outfit the show. They’ll last you a lifetime, though, so it’s a worthy investment for any searching for the finest hat.

Famed hat maker Stetson, too, has some stellar options for anyone looking to invest in a John Dutton-esque, lifetime warranty cowboy hat:

Finding a similar wide-brim at a much more affordable price is an easy venture, too. Many trusted brands, such as Justin, make quality cowboy hats for a fraction of the price:

Jeans Fit for a ‘Yellowstone’ Kingpin

(via Paramount Press Center)

When it comes to jeans, we all have our own favorite pair. But the Duttons (except you, Jamie) all prefer a cowboy cut pair. They’re like boot cut jeans, but slimmer. Below, you’ll find both a budget-friendly and full-on Yellowstone costuming approved pair of jeans to make sure you’re a sharp as the kingpin himself.

And that’s it for John Dutton’s clothing, Yellowstone fans! Stick with your fellow Outsiders for many more character outfit breakdowns to come.