‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Asks Fans for Their Favorite Moment from Season 4 Opener

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s own Rip Wheeler, actor Cole Hauser, has set social media on fire after asking fans their feelings on Season 4’s premiere.

“How did y’all like the start to S4 of @yellowstone?” Hauser asks on his official Instagram Monday. And as Yellowstone fans expect, the comments are absolutely pouring in for the beloved actor.

With four “Omgosh”-es, Ruby Gettinger holds the top comment. “The best freakin show ever!!!” she exclaims. “#RIP you kill me!!! I am watching again tonight with the gang!!! Like little #RIP @yellowstone NEVER DISAPPOINTS all I got to say you are killing me!!! I love you!!!”

Talk about a fan, right there. Follower Brianna puts it perfectly with: “It’s Rips world. We’re just living in it.”

All too true. The Yellowstone icon includes a killer photo of his Rip Wheeler for the post, too. Taken by award-winning photographer and frequent collaborator Emerson Miller, it’s a true winner:

Follower Kathy echoes the sentiments above, commenting: “Best episode EVER! And best first 10 minutes of tv in any show!” on Hauser’s official Instagram.

“Best season kickoff ever, thanks for the thrills!” another fan replies. “AMAZING! Did not disappoint and worth the long wait!” adds fan Janet.

Yet there are a few fans who respond with specific “favorite moments” that we have to touch on. First, however, we’ll warn of massive spoilers for Yellowstone’s Season 4 premiere

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Spoilers Ahead! Fans Name Favorite Rip Moments from Premiere

Let’s kick this section off with the best of the best, shall we?” Hauser’s follower Kae Babb cites the “Rattle snake part” as “badass” with a snake emoji, and this Outsider couldn’t agree more.

In a shock ending to Episode 1, a peaceful scene turns deadly real quick. Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) is participating in his favorite hobby: fly fishing. It’s in this moment that Rip shows up with a cooler.

“This yours?” he asks Roarke. The Market Equities villain does his best to deter Rip, but we know there’s no such thing in Yellowstone. In a shock reveal, Rip enters the creek, flings open the cooler into Roarke’s face, and out flies an angry diamondback rattlesnake. The venomous serpent latches onto Roarke’s face, delivering a fatal bite.

“Won’t be long now,” Rip whispers with his boot on Roarke’s chest. And just like that, Holloway’s villain is no more. What an ending to a spectacular Yellowstone premiere it was.

But the undeniable highlight for many fans was “Little Rip,” a.k.a Carter. To make a long story short, the troubled 14-year-old ends up on Yellowstone via Beth Dutton, who ropes her fiance into taking him in. After a whole lot of rough-yet-hysterical back and forth, Rip gives into his heart, and Carter is given a job on the ranch. And fans cannot get enough of it.

Indeed, love for “Little Rip,” as fans are calling Carter, is off the charts. “Glad you’re a father now!” one follower adds. “Didn’t see that coming but I’m so glad Beth and Rip got some happiness!” another echoes.

So are we, Yellowstone fans. So are we.