‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Shares Badass Vintage Photos From Upcoming Western Movie

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser will be part of a new western movie, and he shared a couple of vintage-style photos from the set. Hauser posted the photos on Instagram, and they feature him dressed up in an “1883”-style outfit, aiming a pistol at the camera. The next slide is the aftermath of the first: a plume of smoke obscured Hauser’s face, implying that he fired the pistol.

“Dead Man’s Hand coming to ya in 2023,” Hauser wrote in the caption. He also tagged “Yellowstone” co-stars Forrie J. Smith and Mo Brings Plenty. This leads us to believe that they are joining Hauser in the new film.

There’s not much information in the upcoming movie. We do know that a dead man’s hand is a poker term, so maybe this will be a period western piece featuring a high-stakes poker game. Whatever it turns out to be, we’re excited to see Cole Hauser taking his turn in a period western. His turn as Rip in “Yellowstone”‘s modern western setting is amazing, of course, but he looks great as an actual cowboy, or whatever he’s supposed to be in this new movie.

In a recent feature for Entertainment Weekly, Cole Hauser spoke about his character’s relationship with Beth Dutton. He also discussed Rip’s new relationship with her father, John Dutton.

At the end of season 4, Rip and Beth got married in a hasty ceremony officiated by none other than John Dutton himself. Now, this means Rip is technically related to John and the Dutton family.

“It’s a weird thing to think that John Dutton is actually related to him now through marriage,” Hauser told EW, thinking about his character. He also discussed one of the other weird things that marriage has changed for Rip. “The first thing it changes is that [Rip’s] moved into the main house, which is somewhere he’s never really been that comfortable.”

From the very beginning, Rip has felt strange in the Dutton house. He felt like it wasn’t a place for him, that he didn’t belong there. Now, Rip lives there. How is this going to change his relationship with the Bunkhouse Boys and the ranch hands, if at all?

As for Rip’s new relationship step with Beth, Cole Hauser said that Taylor Sheridan has done some great things there. “What I like about what [Taylor Sheridan] wrote is that he slow burns this year with me and Beth,” said Hauser. “In the beginning, there’s some wonderful moments between the two of us.”

Apparently, Beth is sorting through some stuff from her past. Her new husband is there to acknowledge her struggles and trauma and help her through it. Relationship goals? I think so.