‘Yellowstone’ Actor Cole Hauser and Family Serve as Grand Marshals of Cody, Wyoming July 4th Parade: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert

Cole Hauser and his family served as Grand Marshals of Cody, Wyoming’s annual July 4th parade today; Hauser, his wife Cynthia, and their daughter Steely rode in a horse-drawn wagon decorated with American flags down Sheridan Avenue in the middle of Cody, the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Hauser and his daughter waved flags for the crowd as they were driven down the street, looking proud and excited to be there.

This was the 103rd annual parade and rodeo for Cody; the theme was “Yellowstone: 150 Years of Wild and Wonder,” so it’s only fitting that Cole Hauser be chosen as Grand Marshal, being on a show called “Yellowstone,” after all. The parade, stampede and rodeo are a way for the city of Cody to celebrate its founder, Buffalo Bill Cody. The event was created after his death in 1917, and still endures today.

Cole Hauser Talks Rip Wheeler Being ‘Off the Grid,’ and How This Character Compares to Others

In conversation with Gold Derby, Cole Hauser spoke all about his character in-depth, more depth than we can usually get. He knows his character inside and out, has made dramatic physical transformations, and overall has been portraying him for four years now; if that length of time doesn’t get you into someone’s head, I don’t know what does. So, Hauser knows what Rip is about.

He spoke about how Rip is “off the grid,” how he doesn’t have a license or a bank account. There’s freedom in that, he explained. Rip can essentially do what he wants. “The police that know of him don’t mess with him,” he explained further. “He’s kind of like that black hat. That black hand in the mafia. You just don’t play with those guys. And in return, they leave you alone.”

Rip is the essence of lawlessness. He’s constantly taking people to the train station, he’s John Dutton’s right hand, and he’s loyal to a fault. “In a way, he’s kind of a part of the Montana landscape, you know? He’s his own animal,” said Hauser. “He’s like nobody I’ve ever met or played in my life. “I’ve met some extraordinary people. I’ve been taught by some extraordinary people through acting. Whether they’re soldiers or cowboys, pilots or astronauts, and this list goes on. But [Rip] is nobody I’ve ever met.”

Rip Wheeler’s Surprising Soft Side

Cole Hauser continued, speaking of Rip’s relationship with Beth Dutton and how he and Kelly Reilly portray that together. “There is a way about him that I love. Kelly [Reilly] allows me to play with her with this beautiful honesty and love. The way he looks at her; treats her. It’s just a juxtaposition to how he treats the bunkhouse, or anybody else for that matter.”

For Hauser, Rip has a soft side, a vulnerability; but, that doesn’t mean he’s weak. In a way, it makes him stronger as a person. Hauser specifically referenced John Dutton taking Rip in, saying, “John giving him a home is just, you know, it’s an acknowledgment to the loyalty and love that [Rip] has given in his life. That he’s given to the ranch. To this family.”