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‘Yellowstone’ Cole Hauser Posts Perfect Rip Wheeler Message to Get You Through the Week

by Craig Garrett
(Photo via Paramount Network)

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser took to his Instagram to fire fans up with an awesome image of Rip Wheeler about to handle some business. The actor posted a picture from the hit show, featuring Rip silhouetted with a rifle in hand. “Good morning world,” the Good Will Hunting star captioned the image. “Get up and get it!”

Of course, Yellowstone fans ate it up. As of this writing, the post already has over 46,000 likes and dozens of comments. One of the first to weigh in on the iconic image was Yellowstone crew member Emerson Miller. “Gimme 5 more minutes.” Miller quipped. Another fan begrudgingly got with the program. “Only cause RIP told me too!,” they posted.

Finally, another fan put a holiday spin on Cole Hauser’s Yellowstone post. “Nevermind Elf on Shelf, this holiday season get some Rip in a dip,” the user joked. Meanwhile, the Rip Wheeler actor has been reassuring fans that season 5 isn’t the last outing for the Duttons.

Cole Hauser insists season 5 isn’t the end of ‘Yellowstone’

“It’s not the last season,” Hauser recently told People. He also detailed a “cowboy bootcamp’ that show creator Taylor Sheridan puts the cast through every season.

“He’s taught me disciplines in cutting and roping and reining,” Hauser explained. “It’s been more of the same every year we go to, basically a cowboy boot camp. And so he’s very certain that he wants to make sure that all of us can do what we did. This year, which is really cool, is that a lot of the actors are doing a lot of their own stunts, so [the coach] kind of took the shackles off and let us go this year.”

According to Hauser, not much changes in the relationship between Rip and Beth from season 5. “Taylor was great in not changing our relationship too much. I’m still there for you know, there’s a lot that dives into the past and seeing like their earlier part of our lives, with the younger actors that are fantastic, but Rip is continuously the rock that he’s always been for her,” he explained.

Hauser also refers to the characters as “imperfect people,” and admits that even he doesn’t understand why audiences are so drawn to them. “What I know is that there’s a tremendous amount of great talent on the show and it goes all the way down to the crew you know, the directors, it’s Taylor’s writing, and everybody cares deeply about making the best thing they can,” he explained. “Usually if that’s the case, you’ll have some… Of course, nobody would have known it would do what it’s done.”