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‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser Reveals If the Dutton Ranch Is a Cult

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount)

While we’re all starving for the littlest crumb of Yellowstone news, Cole Hauser is out here not really giving us anything. At least, he’s keeping all the spoilers to himself. Hauser recently spoke with Cowboys & Indians about the show, and he shared insightful thoughts about Rip Wheeler and the Duttons. Including, if the ranch is a cult or not.

“I don’t know if cult is the right word,” Hauser said. “It’s more of a secret society, in a way.” It’s true that the ranch set-up has almost Illuminati levels of secrets, including the brands and taking someone “to the train station.” They have their own language, almost. So, secret society is a great way to describe the Dutton ranch.

“[It’s] a society that’s probably been around not only throughout the history of the Dutton family, but prior to it,” Hauser continued. And we’re going to get to see what happened prior to the Dutton family in the new prequel series, 1883. We’ll get a look at how the Dutton family became that secret society, building their ranch up from nothing.

Cole Hauser commented next on the branding, saying, “They’ve had this tradition, that when you work on the ranch, you come here and you’re branded as a man, and you die as a branded man. That’s your allegiance to the family.” Fans have compared the branding to becoming a “made man” in the Mafia, where you take an oath of silence and pledge your loyalty to the family.

The ranch hands and the Duttons are close-knit, much closer than just an employer-employee relationship. “But I wouldn’t say cult,” said Hauser. Not a cult, but definitely a family.

‘Yellowstone’: Who is Jamie Shooting in New Trailer?

Curious fans are taking note of everything ahead of the Season 4 premiere, and that includes Jamie Dutton’s possible death. In a recent trailer, fans wanted to know who Jamie was training his gun on. He aims, closes one eye, the screen goes black, and there’s one gunshot. Did Jamie hit his mark? Or did someone get him first?

“I want to know who Jamie is shooting?” one fan asked after the trailer dropped. There’s wild speculation floating around that Jamie could be killed in the new season. Yellowstone already killed one Dutton son, why not another?

It’s possible that Jamie is just out there being a murderer again. He killed a reporter when he threatened to expose the Dutton family, and then had Rip help him cover it up. But fans are tired of each other calling Jamie a murderer but not Rip, John, or Kayce, who were definitely involved in several murders.

“I love how everyone calls Jamie a murderer but refuses to see Rip, John, and Kayce as one,” a fan pointed out. They do have a point there. You can’t label a guy a murderer just because you don’t like him but refuse to acknowledge that your favorite characters are just as bad.