‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser Reveals When He First Knew Rip Was a ‘Special Character’

by Shelby Scott
(L-R) Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. Photo Courtesy Paramount Network.

After four complete seasons and a brand new one on the way, there’s no doubt that Yellowstone is a special show. However, during a new interview, Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser spoke about when he first knew his Yellowstone character was a “special” one.

Cole Hauser shared insight about his character while speaking with the TODAY show’s Savannah Guthrie about Yellowstone as his “big break.”

“I just knew with Taylor Sheridan‘s writing and my style of acting and, you know, the premise of the show and the cast around me that there was a chance that Rip would be a special character with a ton of different colors,” the Yellowstone star explained.

“And he’s become that,” he continued.

To Guthrie’s cohost Carson Daly, Cole Hauser further shared, “There’s a darkness to [Rip] that I love, you know, but there’s also this kind of real passion and real love that he has for Beth, and I thought that’s a really good juxtaposition as an actor to be able to play that, and again, it’s about colors.”

Rip is certainly a colorful character and over the last four seasons, we’ve seen him really develop. However, with his father figure John Dutton as Montana’s new governor, it will be interesting to see how that latest development in his life affects him. Be sure to catch Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler for a fifth season when the premiere airs on Sunday, November 13th on Paramount Network.

Beth Meets Her Match in ‘Yellowstone’ As Cole Hauser’s Onscreen Wife

While Yellowstone‘s Dutton Ranch is, for the most part, a boy’s club, run by characters like John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser, and Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), John’s daughter Beth has proven time and again that she harnesses raw power herself. She essentially owns her brother Jamie by the end of season four and will likely raise hell as John’s Chief of Staff in season five. However, as her new husband Rip adjusts to life on the ranch as the head foreman with John in the governor’s seat, Beth herself faces a new adversary, and she hath fury like no other—aside from Beth that is.

Deemed “Brunette Beth” by Yellowstone fans, the beloved character’s brand new adversary boasts the same flare for both style and drama that the veteran character has since the pilot. Speaking about the brand new character in Yellowstone’s newest season five teaser, Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly promised that Brunette Beth—officially known as Sarah Atwood and played by 1883 star Dawn Olivieri—”will be an adversary for [her] in a way that she’s never experienced.”

“That’s gonna be like two Goliaths,” the Yellowstone star promised. “When she sees her opportunity, she’ll take it…It’s gonna be bloody.”