‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser Says Rip and Beth’s Sex Scene in Pilot Episode Changed Their Roles on the Show

by Joe Rutland

There is little doubt that Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser finds himself as part of a hot couple along with Kelly Reilly. They play Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton, respectively. And both actors truly get into their parts. Going back to the show’s pilot episode, Cole Hauser and Reilly worked well together. But the shift actually involved a sex scene between Rip and Beth. Things got a lot more interesting indeed.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Cole Hauser Recalls People Watching Scene on Monitors

One person who noticed their magic was Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. He observes this hot scene and takes into account that things are going to change going forward in the relationship.

“Initially there was a scene where we were having sex in her bedroom on the dresser, and she slaps me, and the way I reacted,” Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser said. “I remember walking out of that scene and everybody was just kind of glued to the monitors, and I saw John and Taylor and the producers and the D.P. and so on.

“And I looked at them and they just all looked up, like, a ‘Wow, that was amazing’ kind of feeling,” he said. “From that point on, he (Sheridan) started really penning it more and really giving us more to do and giving us more opportunity. And then also pushing us and making us take risks together. And I think that’s how it’s become what it has.” We get more from Vanity Fair.

Hauser Says He and Kelly Reilly Are ‘Just Very Free Together’ In Their Work

Man alive, there’s a lot of fire that goes down between the two characters. One can see magic actually take place when Cole Hauser and Reilly work together on Yellowstone. In fact, Hauser noticed the same thing, too.

“We were just very free together,” Hauser said. “You know, it’s rare that you find an actress—and she’s commented about it too in interviews—where I’m free to do as I please, and she follows my lead sometimes, and sometimes it’s vice versa and I’ll follow hers. It’s a very unselfish relationship where we both just love working together.”

Meanwhile, as the hotness factor increases between these two coming out of Season 4, we will get to see what shapes up in Season 5. Additionally, Beth and Rip got married quickly as we ended our time on the Yellowstone Ranch in the season finale.

We all will see how this manages to work out. But you better believe that some more, um, romantic scenes await these two characters. We’re just not going to believe that a new season will happen and no fireworks will not take place between Rip and Beth. No way.